If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to watch movies WITHOUT paying a dime, YouTube is a wonderful youtube-movies-for-kidsalternative.

You can stream FREE YouTube movies for kids!

Plus, you don’t have to pay a subscription to watch these awesome flicks.

Throughout this post I’m going to breakdown a list of the free movies your child can watch from family-friendly, to funny, whimsical, and educational.

Below you will find a vast array of entertaining YouTube movies you can pop on for your kiddo.

I have gone down the rabbit hole of researching numerous reviews and movies to compile the BEST list possible for you.

Now let’s get started and find a GREAT movie for your precious one. 🙂

#1. A Turtle’s Tale | Sammy’s Adventures

Age Recommendation: 4 years + | Genre: Family & Kids | To watch the free flick, click here.

A Turtle’s tale follows the story about a young turtle named Sammy who endures crazy adventures (like trying to escape predatory seagulls) where he tries to reunite with his best friend, Ray.

Starring the voices of Melanie Griffith and Tim Curry, this is an adorable film that will teach your child about sea life and the importance of our environment (particularly, the impact of global warming).

If your child is familiar with the flick ‘Finding Nemo’ and loved the part with Crush the sea turtle and his family, this may be an excellent entertaining and educational movie for them.

A Turtle's Tale Sammy's Adventures

#2. The Land Before Time | The Lone Dinosaur Returns

Age Recommendation: 6 years + | Genre: Family & Kids | To watch the free flick, click here.

If your child is a fan of dinosaurs or just cute creatures, they are sure to be mesmerized with the ‘Land Before Time’.

The movie is a wonderfully animated story about the journey of an orphaned brontosaurus who comes together with other young dinosaurs to reunite with their families in a valley where there is lush vegetation and dinosaurs can thrive in peace.

The educational piece your child will be exposed to is how the earth’s climate forced dinosaurs to travel far distances to find food and how mother nature (such as earthquakes, storms, volcanoes) as well as other dinosaurs made survival difficult.

Without giving any details away, the movie does have a few dark elements but the ending is sure to make you smile. 🙂

The Land Before Time The Original Movie

#3. Jungle Shuffle

Age Recommendation: 6 years + | Genre: Family & Kids | To watch the free flick, click here.

A comical animated film follows a group of coatis (similar to a raccoon) who reside in the Mexican rainforest.

A coati named Manu, is in love with his best friend who is also a coati named, Sacha. It happens that Sacha is the daughter of a tribe king who dislikes Manu and forces him to leave his Kingdom in the rainforest and to never to return or see Sacha.

Of course Manu doesn’t settle for such actions and he ends up on an adventurous journey to win his love back along with a hilarious spider monkey he teams up with to rescue her and stand up to her father, the coati tribe king.

Jungle Shuffle

#4. Khumba

Age Recommendation: 6 years + | Genre: Family & Kids | To watch the free flick, click here.

Khumba will surely tug on your heart strings.

A zebra named Khumba is born as a prince without all his stripes and becomes the out cast of his herd. Khumba, who doesn’t quite fit in, becomes kicked out of his zebra family because of his odd stripes or lack thereof. As always, with the bad comes the good.

A beautiful collaboration happens as Khumba teams up with other goofy outcasts who teach him to love himself again before returning to his herd.


#5. Minecraft | Into The Nether

Age Recommendation: 7 years + | Genre: Documentary | To watch the free flick, click here.

Minecraft is the educational video game that took the world by storm, literally!

My son is a Minecraft fanatic and absolutely LOVES playing the game. If your kiddo (boy or girl) is anything like my son, then they are sure to be engaged in this documentary which will expand their mind.

The film dives into the popularity of the blocks building video game and the YouTube users who have made it famous.

Minecraft has pushed the boundaries of video automation and creativity to a whole new level. As one of the best-selling video game of all time, it has broken records in the history of the digital gaming world, selling over 200 million copies across numerous platforms and has a fan base stretching to every corner of the globe.

Minecraft Into The Nether

#6. The Reef

Age Recommendation: 5 years + | Genre: Kids & Family | To watch the free flick, click here.

The Reef will expose your child to wondrous ocean life creatures in a fun and engaging way.

It’s an action packed sea flick who follows a young fish named, Pi. Pi loses everything and goes to live with his family on the Reef. He quickly meets the love of his life but discovers a big bully shark wants her affection too.

To save his sweetheart and his family who lives on the Reef, Pi sets out on a brave journey to protect his loved ones from the dangers of the unwanted shark.

The Reef

#7. The Reef | Hide Tide 2

Age Recommendation: 5 years + | Genre: Kids & Family | To watch the free flick, click here.

The Reef 2 continues the story of Pi who is looked at as a hero in his Reef town.

The wonderful accolades have taken a toll on him. I’m not going to give away any juicy details but will say the big bully shark and his friends come back in the picture to declare the end of the Reef is soon at hand.

The Reef 2

#8. Dino King | An Amazing Adventure

Age Recommendation: 7 years + | Genre: Kids & Family | To watch the free flick, click here.

An action-packed family adventure for both adults and kids that follows a dinosaur named Speckles (who’s a Tarbosaurus).

Speckles lives a happy life in the forest with his mommy and siblings. Until one day, he is out exploring and learning to hunt, he comes across a threatening One-Eye Tyrannosaur who is looking for a new place to live. Speckles and his young son, Junior come together after surviving an epic battle where their family is attacked.

Becoming alone in a world without their herd, Speckles and Junior face challenges and become separated. Speckles embarks on a journey to the ends of the earth to find his son while encountering another lonely Tarbosaurus, Blue Eyes, who becomes his close companion.

A heartfelt journey of friends, foes, ally, and enemy’s, Dino King will make you feel like you are a part of the amazing adventure.

Dino King

#9. Happy The Littlest Bunny

Age Recommendation: All ages | Genre: Kids & Family | To watch the free flick, click here.

This adorable animated film is about a bunny named Happy and his best friend, Chippy the chipmunk, who together learn a series of life lessons.

Happy is the littlest of his three brothers and is tired of getting picked on. With the help of Chippy, Happy decides to change his mindset, become fearless, and formulate a plan to have his brothers finally respect him BUT things go awry.

“Happy the Littlest Bunny” is a charming story that addresses the issues of low self-esteem, peer pressure, and bullying in a light-hearted way.

Happy the Littlest Bunny

#10. Ribbit

Age Recommendation: 6 years + | Genre: Kids & Family | To watch the flick, click here.

Ribbit is an adventure tale about a poisonous tree frog who experiences an identity crisis.

He takes off on an adventurous journey through the Amazon to discover who he really is and where he belongs. Along the way he forms bonding friendships and learns he is human prince who needs a kiss from a human princess to become his true form.

From that point, Ribbit is on the search for his human princess where he encounters a hungry crocodile who wants nothing more than to have him for a snack.


#11. Mee-Shee The Water Giant

Age Recommendation: 7 years + | Genre: Kids & Family | To watch the flick, click here.

This family-friendly movie will swim right into your heart! It’s a touching father and son sea creature movie.

Mac, a loving 9-year old, has the adventure of a lifetime. He uncovers one of the world’s biggest kept secrets, Mee Shee, a compassionate water giant.

Mee Shee and Mac soon form an unbreakable bond and come together when a threat looms over the area that will force unwanted danger to the lake where Mee Shee lives.

Mee Shee The Water Giant

#12. Jack and the Beanstalk

Age Recommendation: 6 years + | Genre: Kids & Family | To watch the flick, click here.

If you’re looking for a silly and cute fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk is a winner.

Jack goes to fairy tale school and finds out he is not going to pass without getting a better grade in heroism. He soon gives up his computer for several magical beans (which he quickly tosses out his window), and POOF, his adventure literally sprouts!

Up the beanstalk he goes with a couple of his closest friends to prove his heroism, battle a giant, and learn a tough life lesson on how to persevere through adversity.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Final Thoughts

I hope one of these free flicks caught your eye that your child will enjoy!

If there are other kid friendly free YouTube movies you would recommend, a review you’d like to share, questions you-tube-movies-for-kidsyou may have, or anything you’d like to add that I did not cover in this post, please feel free to give your feedback in the comments section below.

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