Are you looking for a safe and comfortable chair to help keep your child in an upright position for feedings?tumble-forms-feeder-seat

The Tumble Forms Feeder Seat is made to help a child with special needs be able to sit upright with EASE.

BUT is it worth it? How does it compare to the competition? What are the pros vs. cons?

We will answer these commonly asked questions and more.

This post was written to provide you everything you need to know about the Tumble Forms Feeder Seat so you can decide if this seat is the RIGHT option for your precious one.

Let’s dive in.

Product Overview

Brand: Tumble Forms 2 Feeder Seat Positioner

Price: ==> Click here for the BEST current price <==

Color Options: Blue, Purple, Red, Teal

Size Options: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

So what makes this feeder seat stand out?

There are more features we will explore in further detail below BUT here is a quick snap shot to summarize the top features:

  • Alternative to a wheelchair or stander
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight

What is the Tumble Forms 2 Feeder Seat?

The feeder seat was originally made as an adaptive seat to help toddlers to young adults sit upright during feedings.

It is a GREAT alternative to a wheelchair or stander.

Plus, you can use the seat for other activities too like coloring, doing homework, or watching a show.

A lot of schools, therapy centers, and clinics also use the feeder seat to help a child eat or participate in activities.

Tumble Forms 2 Feeder Seat

Product Description

Important features to know about the feeder seat include:

  • Highly durable
  • Upholstery protects against moisture
  • Soft, flexible, and tough materialFloor Sitter Wedge
  • Exceptional resistance to wear and tear
  • Easy to clean and wipe down
  • Easy to get a child in and out of
  • Material is non-toxic which prevents odors
  • Stain resistant
  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Seamless seats make for a smooth comfy sitting surface
  • Therapeutic design made for basic seat positioning without complicated adjustments
  • Super lightweight
  • Seat has a 90º seat to back ratio to provide postural correct seating when in use
  • Portable
  • 3 year warranty

What is Included?

The feeder seat comes with just the seat ONLY which includes a 4-point harness that has two straps:

  1. Quick release H-belt which is a short strap to buckle over the pelvic area
  2. Longer strap to put over the shoulders and waist

Here’s a quick tutorial showing you how to put the straps on the feeder seat the correct way.

What is NOT Included?

It’s important to know that the seat does NOT include the ‘Floor Sitter Wedge’.

This part is sold separately and is an optional add on if you choose.

The floor sitter wedge is used to keep the feeder seat positioned upright or reclined depending on what type of activity your child will be doing.

For instance, if your child is sitting on the floor watching their favorite Disney movie, you may have the seat reclined BUT if they are at the kitchen table eating, crafting, or doing school work, you can easily adjust the seat to put it in an upright position.

There’s a velcro hook and loop system which keeps the seat secure in the wedge allowing you to adjust it in a snap. 🙂

The sitter wedge comes in various sizes (small/medium/large or extra-large) and different colors too like blue, purple, red, or teal.

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Tumble Forms Floor Sitter Wedge
Tumble Forms2 Floor Sitter Wedge, Red, Fits Small, Medium & Large Feeder-Seat Positioners

Also, there is a comfy cover you can purchase for the seat as an add-on which is also NOT included.

If you plan on using the feeder seat where your child will be sitting in it for prolonged periods of time then the Cozzee Cover would provide added comfort for them.

The material is very soft and easy to clean (just toss it in the washer).

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Cozzee Cover Feeder Seat
Cozzee Cover for Feeder Seat Positioner, Medium, Maximum Padded Comfort for Seats, Soft Cover for Long-Term Sitting and Positioning, Provides Ideal Comfort and Moisture Absorbing, Washable Cover

Common Questions and Answers

#1. Can you strap this seat to a chair?

No, straps are not included to wrap around a chair to hold the seat in place.

#2. Will the seat stand upright or by itself without the ‘Floor Sitter Wedge’?

The ‘Floor Sitter Wedge’ (which is sold separately) helps keep the feeder seat in place when on a chair. Without the wedge, you will need to lean the feeder seat against a chair or a wall or basically anything you can lean it against to keep the seat in an upright position. If not, it will just lay on the ground.

#3. What size feeder seat will fit my child?

Here is a size chart to determine the best fitting seat for your kid.

Tumble Forms Feeder Seat

Pros vs. Cons

Based upon ratings and reviews, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

So let’s break down the good vs. the not so good.


  • Exceptional quality
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Straps adjust easily
  • Virtually indestructible due to tough material
  • 3 year warranty


  • You need to purchase the ‘Floor Sitter Wedge’ if you would like to use the feeder seat on a chair as the sitter wedge holds the seat in place
  • The 4-point harness may not be firm enough for a child who has less trunk strength
  • There are no straps included to secure around a seat

How Does the Tumble Forms Seat Compare to a Special Tomato Seat?

One of the other TOP feeder seats on the market today is the Special Tomato Soft-Touch Sitter.

At first glance, both the Tumble Forms and Special Tomato feeder seats look alike BUT there are a few key differences to know when it comes to the material, warranty, harness style, and price (which varies upon size).

Tumble Forms Feeder Seat

  • Material: Firm, plastic-like, durable
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Harness Style: 4-point
  • Regular Price Range: Seat only, $210 to $650



Special Tomato Soft Touch Sitter

  • Material: Soft, skin-like, durable
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Harness Style: 5-point
  • Regular Price Range: Seat only, $300 to $1,000


The Special Tomato sitter is a great quality seat, a little more pricey, and you do have a longer warranty life. The 5-point harness provides more restriction which is a better option for a child who has less trunk support.

The Tumble Forms is still a great quality seat too BUT the harness is the main difference here as the belts are less restrictive.

Final Verdict

Overall the reviews and ratings were very positive.

A lot of customers agree you are getting a great quality seat that’s durable, long-lasting, easy to clean, and most importantly, will keep your child sitting comfortably upright during feedings or short term activities.

BUT if your child has a lot of weakness in the trunk area, the belts won’t be as supportive or thick as a 5-point harness. So the less thick harness is a feature to consider before deciding if the Tumble Forms seat is the right option for your kiddo.

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