Therapy toys for kids play a vital role in a child’s development, especially early on.

For a child with cerebral palsy, autism, sensory challenges, behavioral issues, ADHD, or motor delays, here are the top 8 therapy toys to encourage learning, play, and development.

We will also explore how these toys benefit numerous skill sets like:

  • Motor skills (balance and coordination)
  • Social skills (interaction and communication)
  • Sensory skills (relaxation and focus)

Let’s get started.

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Super Chews

Hence the name “super chews” this material is “super tough”.

It is made for those 6 months and up who are teething or for aggressive chewers.

The purpose of a chew toy is to reduce a child’s stress and anxiety.

It provides a safe alternative chewing solution to clothes, pens, hands, or other unsafe things kids may want to put in their mouth.

Pros super-chews

  • Strengthens oral muscles
  • Releases tension in the mouth
  • Helps tactile sensitivity
  • Made from non-toxic materials (free of PVC, BPA, phthalates, and latex)
  • Two texture chew options (knobby or smooth)
  • Budget-friendly


  • Smaller in size so better suited for kids ages 6 months to 3 years

Final Verdict: This chew toy supports challenges of sensory issues, ADHD, Autism, and little ones who are teething.  

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Pop Tubes

For kids who love to grasp onto things or fiddle with objects, these pop tubes are an excellent sensory tool.

There are numerous ways to play with these plastic tubes by stretching, connecting, or popping.

This is a wonderful activity for ages 3 years and up, to get little fingers moving to improve fine motor strength.


  • Develop strength and coordination in the hands
  • Budget-friendly
  • Provides tactile stimulation
  • Storage box included
  • Lightweight


  • The plastic is not made for kids to chew on or to put in their mouth

Final Verdict: For kids who struggle with sensory processing disorders or need fine motor skill development, the pop tube is a perfect toy to get.  Use it as a physical therapy toy during sessions, at home, in the classroom, or in clinics.

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Kids Nest Swing Chair Nook

The swing chair (which is a hanging seat hammock) is a wonderful therapy tool to soothe and relax.

On the flip side, this chair is an inclusive activity for kiddos to enjoy doing with their friends or loved ones.

It can be challenging at times for a child with special needs to feel included among their peers.

This is one of the main reasons this swing chair made the “Top 8 Therapy Toys” list for kids.


  • Holds up to three people (or up to 250 pounds)
  • Improves motor skills while the swing is in motion (encourages balance and coordination)
  • Enhances social skills and imaginary play
  • Supports sensory needs
  • Easy to install
  • Use indoors or outdoors


  • Adult supervision required
  • Assembly required

Final Verdict: This swing chair is a remarkable therapy tool for kids who need to focus on balance and coordination.  Plus, it makes a great play therapy toy to enjoy solo or with a group.  

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Cozy Canoe

Think of a relaxing “deep pressure therapy” session because that’s what you experience sitting in the Cozy Canoe.

This sensory tool is made for those who experience anxiety or who are touch-sensitive.

While sitting down, the soft vinyl material surrounds you while applying deep even pressure around your body. 

The deep pressure helps hold you upright.

There are numerous ways to use the Cozy Canoe:

  • Have your child sit in it next to you while they read, play, or watch their favorite flick
  • Cozy up with a weighted blanket to enhance the sensory experience
  • Sit lengthwise for added deep pressure 
  • Sit sideways to lounge
  • Sit sideways to rock back and forth or to challenge balance reactions


  • Durable latex-free vinyl material
  • Easy to clean (surface wash and air dry)
  • Kids feel independent
  • Improves sensory skills like concentration, mood, and focus
  • If needed, a patch repair kit is included


Final Verdict: This makes the perfect sensory tool for a child who has anxiety, is sensitive to touch, or needs upper body support to sit upright.  It’s great to use in the home, daycare, classroom, or clinic.

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Rainbow Counting Bears and Sorting Cups

This is one of the best learning games to boost a child’s cognitive development early on.

It is an entertaining way to develop math skills through hands-on learning:

  • Sort (arrange the bears, cubes, or chips, in groups by color)
  • Count (how many are red, yellow, or green?)
  • Color coordinate (place the bears, cubes, or chips into the correct color cup)

Plus, placing the items in and out of the cups, encourages a child to use their thumb and pointer fingers.

This helps to develop strength and coordination in the hands.


  • Promotes fine motor development
  • Fun STEM activity for Preschool to 2nd Grade
  • Learn beginner math concepts like addition and subtraction (even multiplication)
  • Great memory activity to improve attention and focus
  • Teaches colors, counting, and sorting
  • Storage bag included


  • The pieces are tiny which may be a choking hazard (not recommended for kids under 3 years)

Final Verdict: For kids 3 to 8 years, this STEM activity inspires early math skills and fine motor development.  Use it in the classroom, resource centers, or at home.

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Crash Mat

For kids who need to get their energy out or improve coordination, a crash mat provides a safe way to do this.

These mats are a fantastic therapy tool to use for movement-based activities like:

  • Jumpingcrash-mat
  • Rolling
  • Sitting or resting
  • Dancing

For added safety, place the mat under things like a swing or slide to protect from bumps and bruises.


  • Hassle-free to clean (easily remove the cover to machine wash)
  • Helps sensory seeking
  • Helps sensory under responders
  • Improves mood and focus
  • A fun way to exercise


Final Verdict: This is an incredible therapy tool to protect high-energy kids from injury.  Use it in sensory rooms, schools, clinics, or at home.

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Turtle Steps Stepping Stone

Do you know the game “Floor is Lava” where you hop around on objects to not touch the floor?

That is exactly what this game is like, but with an added benefit to enhance motor development.

Hopping from turtle shell to turtle shell (while not touching the floor) helps you work on coordination and developing muscle strength.

The raised non-slip stepping stone forces kids to balance.


  • Improves body strength
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Create numerous obstacle courses
  • Inclusive activity
  • Easy to store or travel with
  • Storage bag included


  • Wear shoes to play on the stepping stones (you may slip wearing socks)

Final Verdict: If you need a fun activity to enjoy outdoors, with a group, or to improve a child’s balancing skills, this game is for you.  Use it at home, in school, in daycare, or in clinics.

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Air-Lite Sensory Kit

If you need an activity to enhance sensory integration and motor skill development, this kit includes fun exercise items to do just that:

  • Ball pit (creates body awareness and muscle strength)
  • Barrell roll (improve balance reactions)
  • Bolster swing (encourage core strength while improving postural form)

The toys alone are entertaining for kids to play with on top of the therapeutic benefits.


  • Lightweight
  • Latex-free
  • High quality
  • Durable vinyl material
  • Easy to wash
  • Hassle-free to travel with (deflates and inflates easily)
  • Improve numerous skills sets (motor, social, sensory)


Final Verdict: For ages 3 years and up, this sensory kit is an engaging activity for kids who experience sensory challenges or who need to work on motor skill development (like balance, coordination, and muscle strength).  Use it in schools, at home, or in clinics.

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Final Thoughts

Therapy toys for kids play an important role in improving the important skills a child needs to develop, learn and communicate.

A toy that engages while providing therapeutic benefits, allows a child to live their best life possible.

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