The Berenstain Bears read aloud “Get the Gimmies” is a cute story where brother and sister have a terrible case of the “gimmies”!

A true-life lesson of being grateful for what you have is taught from start to finish.

Get The Gimmies” was written for ages 2 to 6 years (grades Pre-K to Kindergarten).

Be sure to stick around until the end to access your read-aloud, printable coloring activity, and bonus resources!

What’s It About?

Papa and Mama have spoiled their bear cubs a little too much.

Wherever they go as a family, brother and sister always ask for something.

Whether that be a new toy, book, or candy, they want more, more, and more.

Now, whenever they don’t get what they want, brother and sister have a meltdown!

Papa and Mama are stumped on how to handle their greedy bear cubs.

Will they come up with a solution?

Find out now in this fun read-aloud!

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How to Introduce Reading to Early Learners

For kiddos just learning to read, The Berenstain Bears is a wonderful first book series to dive into.


The Berenstain Bear books (such as “Get The Gimmies”) exposes kids to early sight words and short easy-to-read sentences.

There’s always a valuable life lesson taught too.

With that in mind, let’s dive into helpful tips and tricks on how to introduce your child to reading…

  • Let them get involved by flipping the pages
  • Short reading spurts is OK (do a few minutes a day using this read-aloud or an actual book)
  • Make the story come alive by using different voices (get silly) 🙂
  • Ask questions about the story and allow your kiddo to do the same
  • Point to the words while reading

While these tips may come in handy, utilizing specific tools tailored to your child’s needs can make a world of difference.

Reading Tools to Boost Skills

As a parent, we may feel pressure to get our kiddo to a certain reading level.the-berenstain-bears-read-aloud

I’m here to tell you it is normal and perfectly OK to feel this way.

My son, Cody, had a challenging time reading and needed extra help (hence, how my read-aloud channel was inspired).

I want to share with you a couple of helpful reading tools I utilized which made a difference for Cody.

►► If your child needs a reading head start, click here ◄◄

Accessing the link above ↑ exposes you to a complete curriculum of guided reading lessons, activities, worksheets, games, and movies to catapult your kiddo into growing their reading and writing skills.

►► For a free video on how to teach your child to read, click here ◄◄

The video above ↑ definitely has numerous golden nuggets you can put into action today.

I’m here to add as much value as I can so let’s move onto your bonus reading resources next!

Bonus Reading Resources

Here are several free resources to utilize:

Teaching Guide Sight Wordlist (Kindergarten to 3rd Grade)

6 Best Sight Word Apps (Mostly Free)

YouTube Read-Aloud Video Library (bookmark this page to access anytime anywhere for new read-aloud stories and printable activities…uploaded weekly)!


Printable Coloring Activity

Coloring is an excellent and FUN activity to develop fine motor skills.

Get those little finger muscles moving and grooving by coloring the picture below.

Bust out your favorite art supplies!

The sky is the limit with how you want to color The Berenstain Bears. 🙂

►► Click here to download ◄◄


Each piece of work deserves a job well done!  If inspired, feel free to share your child’s completed activity with along with their first name for the opportunity to be featured on our website or social media. 

Final Verdict

A classic first story for toddlers up to kids in early elementary, are exposed to learning an important life lesson…to be grateful for what you have.

This makes a wonderful book to share before bed or in the classroom to teach gratitude.

►► View Now: The Berenstain Bears Get The Gimmies ◄◄


Product Details

Book: The Berenstain Bears Get The Gimmies

Reading Ages: 2 to 7 Years

Grade Level: Preschool to 2nd Grade

Written By: Stan and Jan Berenstain

Published By: Random House Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 978-0394805665

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