Do you have a child who experiences challenges in the water and are looking for a special needs life jacket to keep special-needs-life-jacketthem safe?

There are SO many life jackets on the market today it can be a daunting task on choosing the RIGHT life jacket for your kiddo.

So how do you know which one is best?

Look no further because here are the TOP 4 highly reviewed and rated life jackets on the market today tailored to children with special needs.

TRC Recreation Kids Super Soft USCG Vest

Price: ==> Click here for the BEST current price <== | Ages: 3-8 years | Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Color Option(s): Pink, Lime Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow

Available Size(s):

  • X-small recommended for ages 3-5 years (21” – 23” chest size 30 – 50 lbs)
  • Small recommended for ages 5-7 years ( 23”-24” chest size 30 – 50 lbs)
  • Medium recommended for ages 6-8 years (26-29″ Chest Weight: 50 – 90 lbs)

If your little one has a sensory issue or is picky about they wear, this may be a great option for you.

The life jacket is very soft, super comfy, and squishy when it hugs around your child which can ultimately create a soothing and calming experience for them.

Plus, this life jacket can give your child the confidence boost they need to learn to swim in the water.

Most importantly, this life jacket is the most comfortable U.S. Coast Guard approved vest on the market is used at most of the popular water theme parks and resorts.

What Reviewers are Sharing …

Overall, the ratings were VERY positive.  The majority of customers share how COMFORTABLE the vest is when their child wears it.  There is no chaffing and no rubbing on your child’s skin like some cloth life jackets do.

TRC Recreation Kids Super Soft USCG Vest

Stearns Heads-Up Child Vest

Price: ==> Click here for the BEST current price <== | Ages: 2-6 years (30 to 50 pounds) | Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Color Option(s): Green/Gray

Available Size(s): Child and Youth

‘SAFETY FIRST’ are the two words that ring in my mind when I think about the Stearns Heads-Up Child Vest.

One of the main reasons I believe this jacket has one of the TOP ratings is because of the extra contoured float above the neck (which acts like a pillow) to encourage face-up flotation. This is such an important safety feature!

There is also a rescue handle to allow you to move your kiddo easily from the water or the boat.

Another safety perk is the material of the life jacket is very bright and reflective. It will allow you to spot your child in a flash!

There are two adjustable chest straps and a hydroprene-material-covered crotch strap (which is super soft lightweight material) to ensure it fits snug for when your child is playing or swimming in the water.

Your kiddo can have a blast moving and shaking around in this life vest because it’s made up of durable polyester and nylon material.

Plus, it is the ULTIMATE jacket to withstand wear and tear.

What Reviewers are Sharing …

One of the top rated life jackets for kids, here are the postive common remarks shared about how the life vest works for their child:

  • Fits well
  • Affordable for the quality
  • Very comfortable
  • Highly recommended to others
  • Gives you a peace of mind with the safety of the chest straps, crotch strap, and rescue handle



Stohlquist Toddler Life Jacket Coast Guard Approved Life Vest for Infants

Price: ==> Click here for the BEST current price <== | Ages: Infant (8 to 30 pounds) | Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Color Option(s): Blue/Black, Red/Yellow, and Yellow/Blue

Available Size(s): One size, 8 to 30 pounds

When you have a baby, supporting their head is a MUST. Usually around 6 months is when this is no longer needed.

What I love about this life jacket and buoyancy aid for Infants is the comfy dual support collar which craddles their head.

There is a front zipper entry and adjustable crotch strap to secure the jacket in place so your little one isn’t wiggling around too much.

What’s great about the design of the jacket vest is the freedom of movement it allows your child to have to paddle or kick. A major bonus in my book is the convenient grab handle for you to hold onto on the back of the jacket to help your kiddo stay safe AND it’s US Coast Guard approved!

What Reviewers are Sharing …

The majority of reviewers were very happy and a common feature customers really love is the neck support and comfort it provides their child!  On the flip side, some customers did share the vest can be a little bulky (depending on the weight and size of your kiddo).

Stohlquist Toddler Life Jacket

Stearns Youth Boating Vest

Price: ==> Click here for the BEST current price <== | Ages: 6-16 years (50 to 90 pounds) | Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Color Option(s): Blue or Red

Available Size(s): 1 size, 50 to 90 pounds

Again, ‘Safety first’ are the two words that pop in my mind when I see the brand ‘Stearns’ life jackets. This one is also US Coast Guard approved.

Just a little history note on ‘Stearns’ products … since 2008, they have been the most recognized player in the life jacket industry. They definitely have been in this niche for a while now and provide a GREAT quality life jacket.

The ‘Youth Boating Vest’ has a comfy open-sided design and 3 adjustable buckles for a snug fit to allow your kiddo to move around more freely.

It’s great to wear during different water adventures such as boating, swimming, or tubing because of naturally fitted design!

What Reviewers are Sharing …

Overall, reviewers were extremely pleased with how the life jacket fits their child, it is quality made, easy on the pocket book, and adheres to proper safety guidelines for boating vests.


Final Thoughts

Finding the right size life vest is SUPER important.

A good rule of thumb is to always read the manufacture’s recommendations on sizing, which will usually be based special-needs-life-jacketupon the child’s weight.

The life jacket needs to fit snug (but NOT be overly tight), all fasteners should be able to close, and the jacket should be worn for the appropriate activity your kiddo needs the life vest for.

If there are other life vests you would recommend, questions you may have, or anything you’d like to add that I did not cover in this post, please share in the comments section below.

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