With AFO Braces designed to stay on and offer support to kids with Cerebral Palsy (CP), it requires the right type of shoes for the ankle-foot orthosis to work correctly.Top-5-Kids-Shoes-That-Fit-AFO-Braces

Finding the best, stylish and fitting footwear for your little one can be a challenging task (considering the enormous options available).

No need to worry!

This post is here to give you some of the best kids’ shoes on the market today that fit AFO braces to take away your searching hassle.

Read on to find out how these TOP five carefully selected shoes are unique from the others. 🙂

But First … WHY Find Shoes to Fit AFO Braces?

Before we get into the five best shoes for AFO’s, let’s explore WHY to consider getting shoes that fit AFO braces. 🙂

Your little one will need a great fitting shoe for two KEY reasons:

  1. To enhance their mobility
  2. To prevent or treat contractures

Keeping the AFO’s on is found to increase walking speed and reduce the energy cost in kiddos with CP.

Even though removable footbeds provide more depth, the right AFO shoes come with tri-support inside and a steel shank to improve stability AND comfort.

Keep in mind, kids’ shoes compatible with AFO braces come in the right range and width.

Now let’s dive into your top five shoe options!

#1.  Memo Polo Corrective Orthopedic Sneaker

Why Is It So Good?

This kid’s ankle support sneaker (or corrective orthopedic sneaker) keeps the AFO braces CLEAN while providing the necessary support.Memo-Polo-Corrective-Orthopedic-Sneaker

The shoe comes in various colors including purple/pink, black, blue/red, or grey/blue/green.

It is made by one of the highest quality European footwear companies called Memo who uses natural materials like soft grain and nubuck leather.

These natural ingredients allow the shoe to adapt optimally to the kid’s foot while preventing discomfort and skin irritation.

And you know the best part? 🙂

There is a diagnostic function placed ‘Memo’ sole that acts as a monitoring system which is a HIGHLY effective method to prevent and treat the most common postural defects.

Special FeaturesMemo-Polo-Corrective-Orthopedic-Sneaker

  1. Heel: helps keep the foot in the correct position
  2. Collar: the foam filled padding around the ankle prevents chafing and pressure
  3. Thomas Heel: ensures minimal elevation of the foot from the inside (a standard prevention method to treat foot valgus)
  4. Sole: anti-slip that is shaped wide around the toes
  5. Interior: the flat interior allows custom AFO to fit properly
  6. Upper: the natural leather helps mobilize the muscles

The Good VS The Not So Good


  • Corrects and prevents existing foot complaints
  • Diagnostic, lightweight, elastic sole for optimal comfort
  • Effective foot protection to encourage stabilization
  • Rubber sole helps with non-skidding while walking (especially on slippery surfaces)


  • Stiffer leather
  • Harder sole

How to Determine the RIGHT Shoe Size …


Final Verdict: This shoe provides maximum comfort while giving you a stylish look.

==> View Now: Memo Polo Corrective Orthopedic Sneaker <==


#2. Memo Michael Corrective Orthopedic AFO Leather Sandal

Why Is It So Good?

Do you need high-top AFO compatible sandals for your little angel?

If so, you may want to include the Memo Michael Corrective Orthopedic Sandal.Memo-Michael-Corrective-Orthopedic-AFO-Leather-Sandal

As one of the BEST kids’ shoes that fit AFO braces, it comes with sole and heel diagnostics to provide maximum support throughout wear and use.

You have a couple cute color choices like grey/green or navy blue/orange.

Besides this, the sandals have a durable, lightweight, flexible rubber outsole which makes them super comfy to wear.

The ‘Memo Diagnostic Sole’ design allows you to check your child’s foot condition in the first 2 weeks of wear.

How so?

For instance, when you check the sole after the recommended 14 days, if there is abrasion in that area you may need to seek medical advice (as further intervention may be needed).

This is a helpful tool to make sure your child’s foot is properly fitted, especially when wearing the AFO braces.

Key FeaturesMemo-Michael-Corrective-Orthopedic-AFO-Leather-Sandal

  • The sandal design allows it to offer excellent footwear solutions for club foot, flat feet, toe walking, and pronation.
  • Perfect for Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) level I and II
  • Memo fits the shoe with an adjustable hook and loop strap length to ensure it fits various feet sizes

The Good VS The Not So Good


  • Durable, flexible, and lightweight rubber sole
  • Corrects and prevents foot complaints
  • High quality shoe
  • Made from durable, long-lasting materials
  • Ideal for both outdoor and indoor use


  • May be pricey

Final Verdict: If you need a supportive high-top sandal (that’s cute too), this one’s for you.

==> View Now: Memo Michael Corrective Orthopedic AFO Leather Sandal <==


#3. Memo Agnes Corrective Orthopedic AFO Leather Sandal

Why Is It So Good?

Next on the list is the durable, lightweight, AND super cute Memo Agnes AFO Sandal (similar to the previous model).

The shoe is 100 percent leather making it flexible and easy to wear.Memo Agnes Corrective Orthopedic AFO Leather Sandal

It is designed as one of the TOP footwear solutions for flat feet, club foot, toe walking, pronation, and Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) level I and II.

It uses the diagnostic system, Thomas heel, and correction inserts to offer exceptional postural support.

The outsole is a durable rubber that offers maximum comfort.

The diagnostic properties give you the opportunity to assess your kiddo’s foot condition in the first two weeks of wearing.

Choose From Various Colors and Designs …

The “unicorn” craze is a popular trend today and your color options reflect this ongoing trend.

Choose amongst denim blue/glitter pink, peach velvet, sangria/peach polka dots.

The open design and adjustable strap length allows the shoe to fit different feet widths well!

The Good VS The Not So Good


  • Comfortable
  • Prevents and corrects foot issues
  • Breathable open shoe
  • Natural hygroscopic material
  • Ideal for a child’s foot
  • Helps those with flat feet, club foot, toe walking, pronation, and Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) level I and II


  • May be pricey

Final Verdict: For the unicorn fan or for those who love cute designs (like glitter and flowers), these shoes are an adorable and stylish option.

==> View Now: Memo Agnes Corrective Orthopedic AFO Leather Sandal <==


#4.  Memo Atena Orthopedic Corrective AFO Sandal

Why Is It So Good?

First off, this shoe differs from the others because of the EXTRA depth of support inside the shoe (the material boosts extra comfort)!

As an AFO brace compatible sandal, it has an open design and diagnostic outsole.Memo-Atena-Orthopedic-Corrective-AFO-Sandal

The design allows the shoe to prevent and correct common foot complaints for those who have flat feet, club foot, toe walking, pronation, or Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) level I and II.

Again, the company Memo uses natural hygroscopic materials that provide extra shoe breathability, comfort, and support.

This shoe dresses to impress as it is a part of the “Memo Classic Collection”.

You have one color option … pink with a precious heart design on the velcro straps.

The Good VS The Not So Good


  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • High quality
  • Long-term durability
  • Comfy high top ankle support
  • Open breathable design


  • The price isn’t friendly for everyone

Final Verdict: This shoe is ideal for the toddler who LOVES the color pink!

==> View Now: Memo Atena Orthopedic Corrective AFO Sandal <==


#5.  Memo Dino First Walking Orthopedic Leather Sandal

This shoe is designed as a baby’s FIRST shoe (made the youngest kiddo training to walk).Memo-Dino-First-Walking-Orthopedic-Leather-Sandal

It offers excellent stabilization on the heel during the first steps taken.

Plus, the shoe is designed to prevent any potential defects (making it the go-to shoe for a young one wearing AFO braces at an early age).

Something to keep in mind is there is no diagnostic sole because it is a “prevention” shoe.

You do have a couple color options of pink or beige to choose from. 🙂

The Good VS The Not So Good


  • High ankle support prevents unnecessary movements
  • Perfect for long-day wear
  • The interior foam keeps the feet comfy and cool (prevents sweating)
  • Flexible, slip-resistant rubber sole
  • Lightweight leather lining


  • Nondiagnostic sole

Final Verdict: The perfect first shoe for the beginner walker.

==> View Now: Memo Dino First Walking Orthopedic Leather Sandal ==>


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