A sensory board is often used for babies and young kids to encourage stimulation of their main senses like touch, sound, and sight AND it is an entertaining activity for them to do!

As a parent, therapist, teacher, or pediatrician, we know that when we can find a toy to engage a little one to keep them busy is the ultimate peace of mind. 🙂Sensory-Boards-for-Kids

That’s what a sensory board can do!

Your child will be exposed to various tactile and visual objects that are attached to an ACTUAL board.

This allows them to explore through sensory play which is such a crucial stage of your little one’s growth and development.

But you may be thinking, can’t I just make a sensory board myself?


There are many DIY articles out there to help you make your own sensory board but keep in mind that it can get costly, time-consuming, and the objects on your board will need to be safe for your child to play with.

If you aren’t the DIY type or you work in a school, kids medical clinic or therapy clinic and need sensory board ideas then this post is for YOU. 🙂

So you may be wondering how a sensory board can benefit kids?

Or maybe you are curious as to what great sensory boards are out there?

Either way, we got you covered!

Let’s dive into the top rated and reviewed sensory boards for kids so you know what your BEST options are.

1. Excellerations

This set has ALL the tactile stimulation your child craves.

It comes with 10 different textured cylinders to create a fun sensory game of touch and match.

Have your child match the right texture piece on the wooden board.

This is the perfect set for the young learner to develop their problem-solving skills and sensory perception.

This discovery toy challenges the “senses” and is suggested for ages 3 years and up!

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2. Montessori Busy Board for Toddlers

If you need an interactive preschool activity that will keep you kid engaged while learning, this board has all the bells and whistles.

The board is visually appealing at first sight with the bright wooden pieces that are the colors of the rainbow.

Your child will learn early dressing skills like how to tie a shoe or use a zipper.

The board will inspire imaginary play like how to solve the labyrinth, close and open the locks and latches, spin the gear wheels, or “click” the switch.

This sensory board is ideal for kids with autism or those who are sensory seeking.

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3. Airplane Activity Wall Panels

If your child is into airplanes, this sensory board would be right up their ally. 🙂

Ages 18 months and up can enjoy SIX wall mounted activities including …

  • Beads on a wire
  • A rolling disc that makes sound
  • A clock with a moving hand
  • Gears to twirl and rotate
  • A trace and track maze
  • A magnetic block and slider

The colors and engaging tools charms a kiddo into wanting to play and engage!

There’s no doubt your child will be working on building their motor skills, shape, space, and reasoning skills in addition to improving their hand-eye coordination.

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4. Animal Wall Maze Panel

This wall panel puts a unique spin on a typical sensory board in a couple ways …

You mount it on the wall AND your child interacts by using their hands to help the “hungry animals find their food” through this magnetized maze.

Tailored for ages 4 years and up, the sliding and matching encourages motor skill development, eye tracking and visual processing.

This hands on activity is commonly used in schools and clinics and makes a nice addition to a sensory space in homes.

The frame is sold separately.

BUT something to keep in mind is the frame is multi-functional, allowing you to switch out multiple panels to keep sensory play fun and fresh for your kiddo.

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5. Toddler Busy Board

The Toddler Busy Board is a super soft sensory board that makes a GREAT hands on activity.

These are things we do everyday like buttoning a shirt or zipping a coat is a task we teach our kiddos early on.

That’s exactly what this sensory board will expose your child to, these types of essential dressing skills.

Have your child practice by playing with rainbow shoelaces, zippers, velcro, large pockets, buckles, buttons, and snaps.

They won’t even realize they are “learning” these basic dressing skills because they will be engrossed in this FUN sensory activity. 🙂

Plus, it is the perfect play toy to take with you on the go since it zips and turns into a bag with shoulder straps your child can wear.

This is a fantastic activity for toddler to enjoy, ages 1 to 4 years.

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Toddler Busy Board

6. Building Block Wall

Lego building is a staple in the kids community and one of the top parent-approved toys.

Your child’s imagination will run wild creating endless designs.

This sensory toy is a fast and easy DIY tool to put up on the wall, furniture, or desk.

Use it at home, education centers, clinics, or pediatrician offices.

You can stick the “large green baseplate” onto smooth surfaces like wood, glass, metal, paint furniture, or stucco walls.

“Building Blocks” compliments all major brands so your child can easily mix their building bricks to construct unlimited possibilities.

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7. Frog Activity Wall Panel

Two words to describe this sensory activity … CLASSIC FUN.

Moving beads is a thrilling sensory activity that soothes and keeps a child focused.

Moving the smooth wooden colorful beads along the panel wires relaxes the mind.

My son had one of these toys when he was a toddler and absolutely LOVED it.  He was extremely entertained.

Your child will strengthen their finger muscles along with learning the primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) in addition to the color orange.

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8. Horse Activity Wall Panel

Could a kids wall panel get any cuter than this?

This sensory activity that you mount on the wall (in the shape of a horse) is very simple in nature.

Not only does this make an adorable decor piece in a playroom or bedroom, but the toy inspires a child to use their fingers to explore.

With the use of a launcher lever, move the beads along the wire maze or spin the four-cog system.

Your child will be developing fine motor skills while learning their colors, shapes, and how to count the vibrant beads or wheels.

This is a fantastic sensory activity for toddlers ages 18 months and up to enjoy.

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9. Zebra Activity Wall Panel

The “Zebra Activity Wall Panel” goes hand in hand with the “Horse Activity Wall Panel”.

The only difference is the “shapes” educational piece has been kicked up a notch.

Your child will learn eight geometric shapes!

This is a wonderful starter tool for toddlers 18 months and older to begin learning their basic shapes.

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10. Sensory Acrylic LED Message Writing Board

LED lighting helps calm the mind and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

That’s exactly what this sensory board inspires!

It allows your child to creatively write while being soothed by the brilliant LED colors.

The board is lightweight to use and comes with 8 drawing utensils, an eraser, 16 flashing colors, 4 changing modes, AND you have the option to adjust the brightness.

Recommended for ages 3 years and up, this is one of the best boards for sensory seeking kids.

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Sensory Acrylic LED Message Writing Board

11. InterACTION Board Collection

Engage in sensory playtime on the WALL.InterACTION Board Collection

This is a wonderful activity for developing problem solving skills, enhancing gross motor functions, and sensory integration.

The wall board is bright and colorful to captivate you into playing with your fingers OR legs by moving the knob through a winding maze!

The is an excellent sensory toy for a child to strengthen their upper body or lower body muscles.

Install these boards at kid-level in the home, classroom, or clinic.

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InterACTION Board Collection

12. Melissa and Doug Wooden Latches Board

Suggested for 3 years and up, this board emulates “peek-a-boo” with cute doors and windows where you open the latch to see what’s behind it!

Your child is exposed to colorful pictures like animals, numbers, and more.

The latches encourage fine motor skill development while inspiring imaginary play.

Each latch is different to challenge your little one’s fingers to figure out it works.

It will keep them engaged and busy!

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13. Alex Active Monkey Balance Board

A balance board helps your child stay active while working on their balance and coordination.

It’s FUN, challenging, and an interactive activity to do with everyone as the board holds up to 200 pounds.

There are various games you can play on this adorable monkey board too!

  • Try balancing on one foot.
  • Try squatting to pick up toys off the floor.
  • Focus on the upper extremities by tossing a ball back and forth.
  • Play “Simon Says” by providing instructions like “Slant to the right”, “Tilt to the left”, “Move side to side”.

Included are guidelines, six screws, two sideboards, a platform, and a dowel.

It does require assembly but is hassle free to put together.

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Alex Active Monkey Balance Board

14. Giraffe Activity Wall Panel

I love how this sensory activity introduces youngsters to nutritious fruits like an apple, banana, strawberry, and grapes.

The colorful display of food artwork is visually stimulating and inspires conversation surrounding healthy foods!

Your child will be entertained moving the puzzle blocks to mix and match the four fruits.

This Giraffe hands-on activity is part of the “wild” play collection set including the wall panels we mentioned above such as the Frog, Horse, and Zebra in addition to the “Cat Activity Wall Panel” we are exploring next. 🙂

These sets are designed to be next to one another tailored for toddlers ages 18 months and up.

It’s the perfect piece or set to mount along the wall in a playroom, classroom, or pediatrician’s waiting room.

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15. Cat Activity Wall Panel

This is a terrific starter tool for toddlers to begin learning their numbers 1 through 9.

There is an interactive maze your child will use to move the wooden numbers to match to the respective number of “fish” images.

The cat wall panel is super lightweight and easy to install.

It includes fixing holes and attachment screws to easily mount on the wall kid-level.

The “Cat Activity Wall Panel” is part of the “wild” play collection set which includes other sensory boards we explored above like the Frog, Horse, Zebra, and Giraffe Activity Wall Panels.

This sensory playtime activity fosters early math skills for preschoolers or toddlers 18 months and up.

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16. Crocodile Activity Wall Panels

Mount this super cute crocodile shaped sensory board on the wall to have your child explore numerous stimulating activities.

It’s the ultimate “wall” playground for kids.

Your child will be exposed to math, science, music, and self-discovery concepts.

It will encourage your child to engage in sensory exploration, problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination, and build upon their motor skills.

This sensory toy compliments waiting rooms in doctors offices to keep kids busy waiting as well as in schools, clinics, or homes.

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17. Whisper Tilt N’ Spin

This quiet sensory board challenges your core stability, balance, and coordination.

Recommended for ages 6 years and up, this is a fun sensory activity to provide vestibular input.

Spin around or tilt back and forth to work on strengthening the trunk area and upper extremities.

Kids can quietly play without disrupting others which makes this a great sensory tool to use in schools, clinics, or at home.

Explore various positions like sitting, kneeling, or lying back down on the board to spin.

This sensory tool supports kids with sensory issues, ADHD, or Autism.

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