Read Aloud and FREE Storybook Activity (Plus, Bonus Word List)!

The charming Red Truck book is made for early readers grade levels Pre-K to Kindergarten (ages 2 to 5 years).red-truck-book

You learn all sorts of wonderful things like opposites, beginner sight words, and simple commentary that’s engaging.

If your kiddo loves vehicles, this book is for them (so keep reading). 🙂

Access your FREE read aloud, storybook activity and bonus word list below! 

What’s It About?

Zooooom! PULL! Sploosh!

Oh noooo, a school bus of kids just got stuck in a muddy mess!

They need help ASAP.

The Red Truck is called to the rescue.

But can RED TRUCK save the school bus and yank it out of the mud puddle?

Take a peek and see how it ends in the book read aloud below. 🙂

Why Is It So Good?

A beginner read for kiddos between the ages of 2 and 5 years helps you learn opposites, beginner sight words, and simple commentary that’s engaging.

The pictures are bright, colorful, and captivating while you read or follow along.

Plus, the story is formatted into a “board book” style which serves the younger age groups.

So why is this type of “style” important?

For three KEY reasons …

  1. It’s less of a hassle for young kids to turn the pages since each page is thicker.
  2. A thicker book is a safer option than thin paper books (no paper cuts)!
  3. Board books seem to fit perfectly in smaller hands which make it easier to hold, turn, and stack the book.

Now let’s dive into your bonus word list!

Learn New Words and Colors (Including Bonus Word List)

New Words

When you are first learning to read, you need to break down the word into a sound and then “blend” the sound together to get the word.

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For instance, the word “Truck” you sound out as /T/-/R/-/U/-/C/-/K/ and then blend the sound together to get “Truck”.

Your kiddo will effectively learn these words through guided support by you.

Start slow and then progress faster for your child to learn their new words.

Here is a list of 84 words found in Red Truck.

Feel free to use the word list below to teach your kiddo while they follow the book read aloud or to use if they read with you. 🙂

==> Download the Red Truck Word List <==



Your child is exposed to the word and color “Red” eleven times!

Repetition is key when it comes to learning something new.

That is the only color actually mentioned throughout the story.

Nonetheless, the colorful pages make it a great learning tool to teach your kiddo other colors like a yellow school bus, a green truck, and purple clothes the kids wear.

Red Truck Book Activity

The activity is to color the pictures and then fill in the missing letter of the words.

Learn four words:

  1. Truck
  2. Bus
  3. Car
  4. Tree

These are common pictures you will see often throughout the story.

Get creative coloring!

Use colors, markers, paint, glitter, or even stickers!

The sky’s the limit to how you want to decorate the picture.

This activity will inspire your child’s inner artist and imagination. 🙂

==> Download your FREE storybook activity here <==


The Primary-Colored Picture Book Series

Kersten Hamilton is the author of numerous children picture books, middle grade books, and young adult books.

Her writing talents range for all ages!

In particular, she and illustrator Valeria Petrone have created an incredible picture book “primary-colored” series about vehicles for ages 2 to 5 years:

  1. Red Truck
  2. Blue Boat
  3. Yellow Copter
  4. Green Tractor

With the tremendous success of Red Truck, Kersten and Valeria tailored the other picture books to the theme and look of Red Truck. 🙂

All picture books in the series include eye-catching illustrations about vehicles AND kids learn their primary colors!

Let’s break down the other books in the series.

Blue Boat

A family gets stranded in a storm that suddenly pops up.

Is Blue Boat tough enough to battle the strongs winds and rocky waves to save the family?

==> View Now: Blue Boat <==


Yellow Copter

At the fair, a teacher gets stuck at the top of the ferris wheel.

The only flying vehicle small enough that may be able to save her is Yellow Copter!

==> View Now: Yellow Copter <==


Green Tractor

Green Tractor is getting ready for a big event … Harvest Day!

The kids are about to arrive BUT before they do, Green Tractor needs to get the land ready.

The farmer and Green Tractor prep the land for pumpkin races and use the hayfork to disperse hay.

As soon as the kids arrive it’s Green Tractor’s time to shine to pull their wagon!

==> View Now: Green Tractor <==


Final Verdict

This makes a great beginners book for toddlers who are fascinated with trucks and vehicles.

==> View Now: Red Truck <==



Product Details

Book Title: Red Truck

Author By: Kersten Hamilton

Illustrations By: Valeria Petrone

Reading Age: 2 to 5 years

Copyright: 2008

Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group

ISBN: 978-0-670-01467-5

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