Meet the famous, Captain America, along with 11 of the most popular Marvel Avenger Superheroes in this read aloud for kids!Read-Aloud-for-Kids-Meet-12-Marvel-Avenger-Superheroes

Iron Man, Hulk,  Spider-Man, Black Widow, Rocket and Groot to name a few.

These short stories are an exciting read for toddlers or beginner readers (ages 3 to 5 years).

You learn all sorts of wonderful things like…

  • Beginner sight words
  • Word repetition
  • Short, easy-to-follow sentences

Most importantly, a simple read along may boost a child’s reading skills.

Be sure to stick around from start to finish to access your 12 superhero read alouds, printable activities, and BONUS learning exercises!

Read Aloud for Kids – Meet 12 Marvel Avengers Superheroes!

Meet Captain America

He is a Marvel Avenger Super Hero.

Captain America is a very strong soldier who wears a special shield!

He is the leader of the Avengers who teams up with his superhero friends to fight the bad guys.

Take a peek to meet Captain America in this short read aloud for kids. 

Meet Hulk

He is a Marvel Avenger Super Hero.

He is the strongest Avenger who likes to crush things and says “HULK SMASH!”

Get to know Hulk and how he transformed into the one and only massively strong superhero.

Take a peek to Meet Hulk in the 1-minute book read aloud below. 

Meet Spider-Man

His name is Peter and he goes to high school.

Peter works hard taking pictures for The Daily Bugle (a newspaper company) but is hiding a BIG secret.

Peter is Spider-Man.

He is the protector of New York City.

To fight the bad guys, he shoots webs from his hands!

But nobody knows that Spider-Man is Peter Parker.

Take a peek to meet Spider-Man in this short book read aloud.

Meet Iron Man

He is a Marvel Avenger Super Hero.

Iron Man’s special suit gives him amazing powers!

From flying to blasting fire from his hands, he utilizes his unique powers to protect and help the people.

Take a peek to meet Iron Man in the short book read aloud below.

Meet Black Panther

Black Panther is the King of Wakanda!

He is a great fighter and very smart.

Protecting his people with the other Avengers is his top priority.

They fight the bad guys together!

Take a peek to meet Black Panther in this short book read aloud

Meet Rocket and Groot

They are best friends!

Groot was big and now he is small.

Rocket is tough and strong.

Together, they guard the galaxy!

Take a peek to meet Rocket and Groot in this short book read aloud. 

Meet Black Widow

She is a Marvel Avenger Super Hero.

Black Widow is a spy who works for S.H.I.E.L.D.

She wears amazing bracelets that shoot blasts!

Going undercover by dressing in all black is how Black Widow outsmarts the bad guys.

Take a peek to meet Black Widow in the short book read aloud below. 

Meet Drax and Gamora

They are the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Drax is STRONG with a lot of red tattoos.

Gamora is a GREAT fighter who uses a special sword.

Together, they fight bad aliens to keep their people safe.

Take a peek to meet Drax and Gamora in this short book read aloud. 

Meet Thor

He is a Marvel Avenger Super Hero.

Thor is a protector of the earth and the people.

He uses a MAGICAL hammer to fight the bad guys!

Take a peek to meet Thor in this short kids read aloud.

Meet Star-Lord

Star-Lord is the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy!

He wears a mask and suit that gives him special powers.

Star-Lord owns a huge spaceship (called the “Milano”) that travels through the galaxy.

He protects the galaxy with the other Guardians from planetary threats.

Take a peek to meet Star-Lord in this short book read aloud. 

Meet Falcon

His real name is Sam Wilson.

He is best friends with Captain America!

Falcon has a super special suit that helps him fly.

His suit has BIG powerful wings.

Falcon protects his city with the Avengers to fight off the bad guys!

Take a peek to meet Falcon in this short book read aloud. 

Meet Ant-Man

He is a scientist whose real name is Scott Lang.

BUT he has a secret … he is also Ant-Man!

His heroic suit makes him super strong!

Ant-Man’s special powers allow him to fly and grow big or small.

He teams up with the Avengers to fight the bad guys.

And the best part? … The bad guys never see him coming!

Take a peek to meet Ant-Man in this short book read aloud. 

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Why are the Marvel Books so Good?

The Marvel Avengers Superheroes books are an excellent 1st read for toddlers or kids ages 3 to 5 years.

You are exposed to the following reading tools…

  • Sight words (is, a, can, the)
  • Word repetition
  • Short sentences with larger font

Your child meets 12 popular superheroes in these easy-to-follow stories.

The short stories are fantastic for kids with shorter attention spans.

Most importantly, reading may enhance a child’s communication skills.

Speaking of skills, let’s explore several helpful tools to leverage to help your child get a reading head start.

3 Tools to Boost Reading Skills

As a parent, we may feel pressure to get our kiddo to a certain reading level.

I’m here to tell you it is normal and OK to feel this way.

The first movie Cody and I went to when the theaters opened up after COVID.

Meet my son, Cody.

He faced challenges with reading and writing.

Most importantly, he needed that boost in confidence.

I want to share with you a couple of helpful tools I utilized which made a difference in developing Cody’s reading and writing skills…

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Accessing the link above ↑ exposes you to a complete curriculum of guided reading lessons, activities, worksheets, games, and movies to catapult your kiddo into growing their skills.

►► Here is a free video on how to teach your child to read ◄◄

The video above ↑ has numerous golden nuggets you can put into action today.

►► Access my YouTube Childrens Books Read Aloud Library ◄◄

The video library ↑ includes all read alouds and printable activities published at Intensive Therapy for Kids.  These videos helped my son engage in books while learning new words.  Best part?  It’s a free learning resource. 🙂

Now onto your printable activities!

Read Aloud for Kids – Marvel Superheroes Printable Activities

The activity is to draw the words.

Use the letter featured on the left side to spell the word. 

Next, draw the word in the box beside it.

Your child is introduced to new words and sight words along with putting together a sentence.

►► Captain America Activity (download here) ◄◄


►► Hulk Activity (download here) ◄◄


►► Spider-Man Activity (download here) ◄◄


►► Iron Man Activity (download here) ◄◄


►► Black Panther Activity (download here) ◄◄


►► Rocket and Groot Activity (download here) ◄◄


►► Black Widow Activity (download here) ◄◄


►► Drax and Gamora Activity (download here) ◄◄


►► Thor Activity (download here) ◄◄


►► Star-Lord Activity (download here) ◄◄


►► Falcon Activity (download here) ◄◄


►► Ant-Man Activity (download here) ◄◄


Now that your child has just learned new sentences and words, let’s view your bonus exercises.

We will go over why these are helpful learning tools as well as FUN!

Read Aloud for Kids – Marvel Superheroes BONUS Exercises

In the early stages, when a child learns to read and write by hand it takes a lot of time and practice.

The following educational bonus exercises to improve reading and writing skills include…

  • Tracing Words
  • Words List

Let’s explore how these bonus activities benefit your precious one.

Trace the Words

Tracing letters to form words help kids in a couple of ways…

  • Gain control over their fine motor skills (like their hand, finger, and arm movements)
  • Learn new words

Tracing is a wonderful way to help your child practice their writing skills.

Then, when you add a topic they are interested in (like a superhero!) learning just became FUN.

Your child gets to write their favorite superhero name, like “Captain America” or “Hulk”.

Tracing letters encourages a couple of things …

  • Refines pre-writing skills
  • Provides a strong foundation for drawing and emerging writing
  • Is a confidence booster

Words List

When you are first learning to read, simply break down the word into a sound and then “blend” the sound together to make the word.avengers-read-aloud-meet-black-widow

For instance, the word “Hulk” you sound out as /H/-/U/-/L/-/K/ and then blend the sound together to get “Hulk”.

Your kiddo will effectively learn these words through guided support by you.

Start slow and then progress faster for your child to learn their new words.

Use the word lists below to help your child follow along while reading.

Point to the words out to your child as they pop up in the story!

==> Captain America Bonus Activity (download here) <==


►► Hulk Bonus Activity (download here) ◄◄


►► Spider-Man Bonus Activity (download here) ◄◄


►► Iron Man Bonus Activity (download here) ◄◄


►► Black Panther Bonus Activity (download here) ◄◄


►► Rocket and Groot Bonus Activity (download here) ◄◄


►► Black Widow Bonus Activity (download here) ◄◄


►► Drax and Gamora Bonus Activity (download here) ◄◄


►► Thor Bonus Activity (download here) ◄◄


►► Star-Lord Bonus Activity (download here) ◄◄


►► Falcon Bonus Activity (download here) ◄◄


►► Ant-Man Bonus Activity (download here) ◄◄


Final Verdict

For Ages: 3 to 5 Years marvel-meet-the-super-heroes-reviews-and-ratings

For Grades: Pre-K to Kindergarten

Best For: Early readers who like adventurous stories or who are superhero fans

Overall, the global ratings and reviews are extremely high.

The majority of customers are super happy with this book set for these reasons:

  • Simple sentences
  • Kids love it
  • Helps reluctant readers
  • Great for beginner readers
  • Makes a nice gift

The “Marvel Super Hero” books are the perfect read for toddlers who can’t get enough of their favorite superhero.

==> View Now: Meet the Super Heroes! <==


How Many Books Come in the “Marvel Super Heroes” Set?

The set includes 12 books introducing you to each superhero in a short story format.

I got these books for my son Cody to spark his reading interest because of his Iron Man craze!World-of-Reading-Meet-the-Super-Heroes

Each night we met a different superhero before he went to bed.

These books helped Cody in a couple of ways…

  • The words are simple to follow along which helped him gain confidence (within a short period he was reading pages all on his own)!
  • The stories are fast reads (taking only a few minutes to do) which kept his interest
  • The book fits perfectly in his hands because of the small size

This leads me to my next topic.

Something to Keep in Mind…

The books are smaller in size with dimensions 5.75 x 1.75 x 6.25 inches.superhero-read-aloud-meet-ant-man

Some customers were surprised about this which is why I’m mentioning it.

The books are designed to fit the size of a child’s hand which is why they are smaller.

I took a pic of my six-year-old son holding the Ant-Man book to the right to give you an idea of the size.

Product Details

Book Title: Marvel Meet the Super Heroes

Written By Authors: Brooke Vitale and Megan Ilnitski

Illustrations By: The Marvel Storybook Artists

Reading Age: 3 to 5 years

Copyright: 2017

Publisher: Marvel Press

ISBN: 978-1-368-008525

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