Penguin on Vacation (Book Read Aloud)Penguin-on-Vacation-Storybook-Activity

A charming story about a penguin who goes on vacation to somewhere the opposite of cold!

Can you guess where?

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What’s It About?

An adorable penguin needs a change of scenery from the ice and snow.

He decides to go on vacation to the … BEACH. 🙂

A tropical adventure is just what a penguin needs.

He meets a tiny friend “crab” who shows him how to have fun in the sun.

Their relationship blossoms into a beautiful friendship.

But when penguin’s vacation comes to an end (as all vacations unfortunately do) … will he continue to keep his friendship alive with the crab?

Final Verdict: The bright colors and vibrant illustrations make this the perfect read during summer time or on vacation.

Story By: Salina Yoon

Reading Age: Baby to 5 years

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