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I created this site to help kiddos (with or without special needs) reach their full potential.

Published weekly are …

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I do this to keep things FUN and current.

Through helpful content, my goal is to provide as much value as I can to allow a child to live their best life possible. <3

My Story …

My 6 year old son and 5 year old nephew who has Cerebral Palsy (CP) have a beautiful relationship.cody-and-lenny

They are the true inspiration to why this website happened.

I’ve learned through watching my son and nephew that we are each special in our own way.

Together we have two KEY things in common …

To be loved and accepted by others.

It is that simple. 🙂

My goal is to emulate the same love and acceptance through a website that is inclusive for kids of all abilities.


Why did I name the website ‘Intensive Therapy for Kids’?

This is a common question I get asked so I’d love to share WHY this site was started. 🙂

Intensive Therapy for Kids was inspired because of the powerful results children with motor delays accomplish when receiving intensive physical therapy (like my nephew, Lenny).  

The name is meant to spread awareness about this type of physical therapy because it allows kids who experience motor delays to excel in their everyday life.

I help manage a nonprofit, The LENN Foundation, with my sister.

We help children with cerebral palsy receive this type of powerful therapy.

The results have been astounding to say the least!

Kids have taken their FIRST independent movements like walking, sitting up, and chewing.

You can’t put a price tag on the confidence and independence a child gains after receiving intensive therapy (including the tools they are given by the therapists to continue at home).

View more success stories on The LENN Foundation website.

Lets Make Your Experience EXCEPTIONAL

I’d love to hear how I can continue to make your time at Intensive Therapy for Kids an exceptional one!

Please leave your comments below or send me a message to lindsey@intensivetherapyforkids.com. 

I strive to always improve the site for my users so it remains the ULTIMATE spot dedicated to all kids. 🙂