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Let’s Go Down the ‘Liftware’ Rabbit Hole …

My sister just sent me a text the other week with a picture of the ‘Liftware Level Starter Kit’ because she was looking into this for her son (my nephew) who has cerebral palsy to help him eat easier.

It’s a computerized spoon that ‘levels’ out when you bring it to your mouth so you can eat your food with more liftware-steady-starter-kitindependence.  It helps those who have mobility issues in their hands and arms.

This got me thinking …

How about I do a product review to see what Liftware is all about?

I really wanted to learn more about this kit for my sister and nephew and you guys too! So I went down the ‘Liftware’ rabbit hole …

While researching, I discovered there was another kit on the market called the ‘Liftware Steady Starter Kit’.

That’s right there’s a STEADY kit and a LEVEL kit and each do very different things.

Hmm, so what’s the difference?

Well let’s dive right into it!

I’m going to breakdown everything you need to know about the ‘Liftware Steady Starter Kit‘ from the benefits, what’s included in the kit, how it’s different from the ‘Liftware Level Starter Kit’, how it works, pros vs. cons, and more.

I want you to know that Liftware is not paying me to talk about their product. This is just my honest and raw opinion I’m sharing with you. 🙂

My intention is to equip you with the knowledge and information you need to make the best purchasing choice for your loved one or maybe someone you know and hopefully answer any of those lingering questions that may pop in your mind.

Let’s get you the information you came here for (and thank you so much for being here)!

Liftware Steady Starter Kit

What is the difference between the ‘Level’ vs. ‘Steady’ Kit?

If you look at pictures of both kits they do seem pretty similar but I’m here to tell you they help a person’s needs in different ways. Here’s how:

The Liftware Level Starter Kit helps those who have limited mobility in their hands and arms (such as cerebral palsy, a spinal cord injury, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease) eat more easily.

==> To see Liftware Level in action and how it can help you eat easily, click here. <==


The Liftware Level Steady Kit helps those who have shaky hands or hand tremors (such as Parkinson’s disease or essential tremor) to eat easily too.

But what is the one main trait they both have in common? To help a person eat with minimal support or completely on their own!

In a nutshell, these spoons were made for you if you have any type of condition that limits movement in your arms and hands or if you have shaky hands.

The confidence and independence you can gain with the ease of eating is incredible.

What’s Included in The Kit?

There are 5 items you will get in the kit …liftware-steady-starter-kit

#1. Travel pouch

#2. Soup spoon attachment

#3. Computerized handle

#4. Hand strap

#5. Charger

What is the Liftware Steady Soup Spoon?

As you just saw, the soup spoon is automatically included in the kit.

It has an electronic stabilizing handle that will keep the spoon in place as you bring it to your mouth. The stabilizing handle has built-in sensors, computer, and motor that help sense and counteract shaky hands.

Psst, eating on your own just got A LOT easier! Take a peek yourself.

Here’s How to Use (Very Simple!)

To use the soup spoon attachment and computerized handle it’s very easy to do.

Simply connect the attachment to the soup spoon (which will turn it on automatically) and VOILA you’re ready to eat! The soup spoon will hold about 1 tablespoon of food (15 ml) such as soups, cereals, and other liquids.

After you’re done eating, detach the handle and plug it back in to recharge.

Liftware Steady Starter Kit

Product Features

Here are some helpful features to make note of:

  • The battery lasts up to 3 hours after fully charged (so basically one hour of continuous use for approximately three meals on a single charge).
  • The utensil attachments (such as the spoons, fork, spork) are dishwasher safe OR you can clean by hand with a sponge, mild detergent, and warm water.
  • The computerized handle can NOT be put in the dishwasher or dunked under water (it’s recommended to wipe the handle with a damp sponge or antibacterial wipe to clean it).

Now let’s look at 4 additional items (which are not included in the kit) you may want to think about getting if it meets your needs.

Add-On Attachments to Consider (Sold Separately)

#1. Everyday Spoon Attachment

This spoon attachment is smaller than the ‘soup spoon’ that comes with the kit. The ‘everyday spoon’ can be used for a variety of foods such as soups, milk, rice, oatmeal, and stews (to name a few).

Of course, use your imagination, and the foods you enjoy with a spoon, BAM this spoon will do the trick!

It holds about 2/3 tablespoons (9mL) of foods.

The ‘everyday spoon’ is ONLY compatible with the ‘Liftware Steady’ kit NOT the ‘Liftware Level’.

Liftware Steady Everyday Spoon

#2. Spork Attachment

The spork is similar to the fork attachment in that it will help you eat with a great variety of foods.

I have to admit, I was clueless what a spork is used for. You probably already may know but let me enlighten you in case you were in the dark like myself. 🙂

The spork points are used to spear foods such as pasta, meats, and vegetables. PLUS, the spoon portion of the spork can hold liquids like soups, milk, oatmeal, and stews.

I look at the spork as you are getting two utensils in one! You get a fork plus a spoon … hence the name ‘spork’ HA.

The spork is ONLY compatible with the ‘Liftware Steady’ kit NOT the ‘Liftware Level’.

Liftware Steady Spork Attachment

#3. Fork Attachment

The fork attaches to the computerized handle (just like the spoon) and help you eat foods like salads and pastas.

The fork is compatible with both kits the ‘Liftware Level’ and ‘Liftware Steady’.

Liftware Level Fork Attachment

#4. Carrying Case

When I saw this case I thought it would be pricey but it’s NOT what-so-ever. It’s budget-friendly and helps you easily take all your attachments on-the-go. It’s great to travel with, take to restaurants, or therapy sessions (basically anywhere and everywhere you’ll be chowing down on food). 🙂

The hard shell case is made to protect your computerized handle. There are mesh pockets which will allow you to bring up to two attachments (like the spork and everyday spoon).

The case is compatible with both kits the ‘Liftware Level’ and ‘Liftware Steady’.

Liftware Level Carrying Case

Who is the Liftware company?

I was pretty impressed researching about the company themselves which was started back in 2012.

The company is a group of very talented scientists and engineers who came together to help a niche with special abilities be able to eat with confidence!

Their mission is to develop new technologies to assist those who have hand tremors or limited movement in their arms and hands to be able to eat easily.

After seeing the experience of friends and family who were having difficulty eating on their own it motivated them to focus on improving the overall quality of life and independence for those who are dealing with this type of challenge.

The Liftware team joined Google Life Sciences in 2014, which became Verily in 2015.

Verily is actually a Google company (also known as Alphabet Inc.). It’s a research organization that dedicates their time studying life sciences.

10 Common Questions & Answers about ‘Liftware Steady’

#1. Does health insurance cover this kit if you have Parkinson’s disease?

There are a lot of health insurance options out there regarding coverage and items not covered. It’s best to contact your health insurance company direct to find out.

#2. Does this product ship outside of the United States?

No, at this time Liftware only ships within the United States. International shipping is a possibility down the road so you can always email their team at to find out if or when this is launched and get added to their ‘international wait list’.

#3. Can this be used by a child?

Yes, if they have shaky hands this can help them. However, it is important to know the soup spoon is sometimes to big for smaller children to eat from. The ‘everyday spoon’ attachment may be an easier spoon option for younger kiddos.

#4. Is there a Warranty?

Yes, 1 year.

#5. Can you purchase the computerized handle separately?

No, in order to get a new handle you would need to buy a separate kit BUT you can always contact their team at to see if they could make an exception.

#6. Can you get a battery replacement?

No. Straight from the Liftware manual the battery should only be removed if you are throwing the device away. Removing the battery will destroy the device.

#7. Are there magnets in this product?

Yes. If you have an implantable device it is recommended to be about 6 inches from the Liftware utensil because it contains small magnets.

#8. What are the dimensions of the handle (not including the spoon)?

The handle is Length 85mm | Width 48mm | Height 25 to 35mm.

#9. Does a HSA (health savings account) or Medicare cover this?

Unfortunately, no.

#10. How much does the product weigh together (the computerized handle and soup spoon attachment) that comes in the kit?

Pretty lightweight, about 3.4 ounces.

If there are additional questions you have that haven’t been answered up to this point, feel free to reach out to their customer support team at

Pros vs. Cons

I feel the product is well worth the investment. Here are my thoughts on the positive’s vs. the negative’s …


  • It will help a child or adult eat their food easily who experience shaky hands or hand tremors
  • Boosts confidence, control, and independence when eating
  • It’s very compact and lightweight to hold
  • The eating utensils are very easy to clean in the dishwasher or by hand (just remember, the computerized handle can NOT go in the dishwasher, you have to clean this by hand)
  • Great to travel with or take on-the-go
  • There are a variety of attachments you can get to meet your needs (such as the fork, spork, or everyday spoon)
  • The ‘steady’ kit offers a 4 add-ons (fork, everyday spoon, spork, carrying case) vs. the ‘level’ kit which offers only 2 add-ons (the fork and carrying case)


  • Investment is a little pricey
  • The soup spoon can be a little wide for a small child to fit in their mouth
  • The ‘steady kit’ only ships within the United States
  • If you damage or loose the computerized handle you would have to buy a new kit (BUT on a positive note, there is a 1-year warranty and Liftware is constantly improving their user’s experience because they listen to what you have to say so this could change in the future)

Final Takeaway

In all, the ‘Liftware Steady Starter Kit’ is a GREAT investment to enhance the quality of life for someone who experiences shaky hands or hand tremors.

It allows you to gain independence and confidence knowing you can eat easily on your own with friends, family, or solo. It’s an inclusive device and a wonderful invention made by the Liftware team!

To purchase the kit or learn more about it, click here.

On A Personal Note

I hope this post added value to your research efforts and allowed you to make an informed purchasing decision.

If there is a review you’d like to share, questions you may have, or anything you’d like to add that I did not cover, please comment below.

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