In light of COVID-19, coming up with learning activities for kids at home is at an all time HIGH.

Whether your child is going back to school full time, part time, or being virtually taught at home, you may be needing some fun activties to spice things up in the educational department for your kiddo.

So if you are looking for engaging activities to do with your child, here are 5 GREAT learning activities that are budget-friendly and super fun for your kiddo to enjoy. 🙂

FIRST, let’s Spin a Challenging Situation into a HAPPY Experience

If you are a parent where your child is at home learning virtually it can be a touch balancing act wearing multiple hats of being a parent, teacher, working professional, and the list goes on.

Do you feel the same way?

My boy is in kindergarten. He loves being social! Around other kiddos and teachers is his jam so for me personally, he is going to be home learning virtually and going to school twice a week.

This got me thinking …

How can I keep him engaged while learning with just ME?

I have thought of bribing techniques like sugary goodies or letting him play his favorite video game, Minecraft, after a lesson? I know I know that’s the ‘Easy Route Out’. OK so all joking aside … 🙂

I’m a firm believer everything will work out the way it should. I’m not going to be Miss Negative Ninny and complain (even though I have my moments).

Let’s look at the glass half full rather than half empty and take this time to positively infuse our child’s mind (while they are at home with us) and have some major fun while were at it!

Let’s Positively Impact our Child’s Thinking & Behavior

I went down the rabbit hole of researching some ENGAGING learning activities for kids at home to positively impact their mindset through fun moments.

Let our kiddo not feel like they’re learning (psst … even though they really are).

Plus, we can feel good as parents knowing we are spending time with them in a constructive and positive way.

We have the power to influence our child’s thinking and behavior in the best light possible so let’s take this time to do that!

COVID-19 is a rare situation that’s allowing us the opportunity to spend more time with our loved ones and family.

Without further ado, I’m very excited to share the following super fun, engaging, and educational activities you can do with your precious one at home (which kids of ALL abilities can enjoy).

Now we will explore 5 GREAT learning activities for your child. 🙂

Activity #1: Egg Carton Color Sorting

When your kiddo can recognize and identify their colors, BINGO! They are enhancing their development in the early stages when it comes to their cognitive thinking (by linking your words and cues to the color).

This is a super simple activity that will teach them all about colors.

Items Needed: (1) squeaky clean egg carton (2) colored paint (3) paint brushes (4) fluffy pom poms (5) tweezers

What to do: Paint the egg carton holes different colors and let dry. Put the pom poms on the opposite side and let them use tweezers to match the pom pom with the color. If your child has mobility issues using their hands and fingers, you can have them use a ‘Jumbo Size Tweezer‘ or just their hands and fingers alone.

Your child will be enhancing and developing the following skills: (1) fine motor skills by working their hands and finger muscles (2) cognitive thinking

Safety Tip: Some children’s paint can have bad chemicals in it (such as harmful phthalates), so I’d recommend purchasing a non-toxic paint.

==> Click here for one of the best tools to use if your child has mobility issues in their hands and arms <==

Egg Carton Color Sorting Activity and Image by Laughing Kids Learn

Activity #2. Glow Stick Bath

Bath time just got way too FUN! A glow stick bath is such a great way to get your little one IN the tub while having a blast.

Plus, it’s an incredible sensory and tactile activity to do! When the water glows, it engulfs your child into a soothing environment. The bright colorful glow sticks will emit a very gentle hue which provides a calming effect if they experience stress or anxiety.

Items Needed: (1) glow sticks

What to do: Throw your kid in the tub (or shall I say gently place into the tub) 🙂 then add your glow sticks and turn off the lights. VOILA! It’s that simple.

Your child will be enhancing and developing the following skills: (1) sensory play which is a great activity for sensory processing disorders or even if your child doesn’t have one (2) provides tactile and visual stimulation.

Safety Tip: If your child happened to swallow a mouthful of glow stick liquid (lets hope not), the good news is it’s considered to be mildly toxic. It could cause minor irritation in their mouth and throat. BUT to avoid a situation like this altogether I’d recommend getting non-toxic glow sticks.

Glow Stick Bath Activity and Image by Crafty Morning

Activity #3. ‘Pig’ Math Game with Jumbo Foam Dice

This educational activity is wonderful for learning math skills! The jumbo foam dice adds an extra layer of playful FUN.

Also, another reason I love using the jumbo dice is because it’s a great tactile tool to help a child grasp the object should they have motor challenges in their arms, hands, and fingers.

My son and nephew (who has cerebral palsy) both LOVE playing with these jumbo dice on their own to throw back and forth or just to be silly with.

Now onto playing the ‘Pig’ math game with jumbo foam dice …

Items Needed: (1) one jumbo foam dice (2) paper to keep score (3) pencil or pen

How to play: The concept of the game is to get to 100! Psst, this is a great activity for your kiddo to learn to count up to 100. 😉

What you will do is roll the dice and if the number is 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 you SCORE (woo hoo)! You keep your points and roll that dice again AS LONG AS you don’t roll a 1 you can keep that hot dice rolling AND you can keep adding to your score.

Here’s the kicker, you can stop whenever you’d like and give the dice to the next player. BUT if you are too impatient and don’t stop rolling, you might roll the number 1 and BAM your dunzo, you get ZERO points, your turn is over, and you lose all your points from that turn.

So see, this game rewards good behavior at the same time it teaches your child on how to take turns.

You always have a second shot to keep your tally going strong. So having patience and taking turns is key! Here’s a helpful video if your visual (like me) to take a peek on how to play Pig.

  • Your child will be enhancing and developing the following skills: (1) math skills (2) social skills

Safety Tip: I recommend getting the jumbo foam dice (which you can get by clicking here) so you can have a peace of mind when your child decides to whip it around. Small dice can be a choking hazard for little one’s, even pets.


Activity #4. Jumbo Puzzle

I could go on and on about how GREAT puzzles are which benefit our kiddo’s spatial awareness, fine motor ability, shape recognition, and problem solving skills.

Particularly, I prefer the larger puzzle pieces to have my son play with (who is in Kindergarten) because he enjoys the larger pieces better.

Plus, if your precious one happens to have mobility issues with their arms and hands, the larger puzzle pieces are a perfect inclusive activity to allow them an easier time to hold the pieces and place them together.

Items Needed: (1) jumbo puzzle

What to do: Pretty self-explanatory 🙂 Have your child enjoy picking up, moving, twisting, turning, and wiggling those puzzle pieces together. This activity is a great way to bond with them too!

Plus, you can get creative and choose a puzzle category that would interest them from planes, animals, cars, Disney, and pretty much anything you can think of that they would enjoy.

Your child will be enhancing and developing the following skills: (1) hand-eye coordination (2) concentration (3) shape recognition (4) fine motor skills (5) problem solving skills

Safety tip: The jumbo puzzle pieces prevent a little one (or maybe even your fearless pet) from swallowing or chewing a tiny puzzle piece.


Activity #5. Bubble Wrap Finger Painting

Finger painting AND bubble wrap?! Could an activity get any better than this? This is a very creative way to engage your little one.

The bubble wrap is a brilliant activity to develop your child’s fine motor skills because they will be using their thumb and index finger to pop the bubbles in the wrap. Of course, us adults will have a blast popping the bubbles too.

Items Needed: (1) bubble wrap (2) washable finger paint (3) painters tape (4) plastic covering

What to do: Take the plastic covering and tape it over your table. Then use a piece of bubble wrap and tape it to the covering on your table. You can get creative here and cut the bubble wrap into different shapes or one large shape for your kid to finger paint on.

The painters tape will be strong enough to secure around your table (as well as securing the bubble wrap onto the table with the plastic wrap) and the adhesive will not damage your furniture.

Plus, the plastic covering will act as a protective shield over your table when you child gets messy finger painting outside of the bubble wrap lines.

Then squirt the different colors of paint in various spots on the bubble wrap and let their imagination run wild!

Your child will be enhancing and developing the following skills: (1) fine motor skills (2) hand-eye coordination (3) color recognition (4) provides sensory, tactile, and visual stimulation

Safety Tip: To avoid any harmful chemicals getting near their mouth or skin, I would suggest using a non-toxic washable finger paint.

Bubble Wrap Finger Painting Activity and Image by Childhood 101

Final Thoughts

Learning activities we choose to do with our sweet one’s at home do not have to be overly complicated or expensive.

I hope this post added value during your research efforts in finding a fun educational activity to do with your child at home.

If there are any other activities you would recommend or questions you may have, I’d love to hear your thoughts or feedback! Please comment below.

On an end note, if you found this information helpful, please share the love to expose another fellow parent to some engaging, educational, and budget-friendly activities they can do at home with their sweet pea.

I really do strive to make the content I create as helpful as possible for you…as a fellow parent looking out for their most precious gift.

From the bottom of my heart, thanks for stopping by today!

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