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The amusing “Go Dog Go!” book is made for early readers grade levels Pre-K to 2nd Grade (ages 3 to 7 years).

You learn all sorts of marvelous things like colors, opposites, and the blending of words to encourage kids to read.

What’s It About?

A blue dog, a green dog, a RED dog, a yellow dog, a work dog, a PLAY dog, car dogs, and party dogs … this story is nothing shy of a good time!

The book features dogs on roller skates, bicycles, scooters, in cars, on trees, in the water, in a helicopter, and on a boat.

There is a cute storyline between a pink poodle and “hard to impress” yellow dog.

Towards the end of the story, the dogs ALL come together with one common mysterious mission …

To climb to the top of a HUGE tree!

But what is up there? Why are they all going so FAST to meet at this tree (hence, “Go Dog Go!”)?

Will the pink poodle finally impress the difficult yellow dog?

Here is the Go, Dog. Go! book read aloud (it’s 4:43).

Why Is It So Good?

The story was written in 1961 and has remained a classic beginner book for kids.why-is-it-so-goodwhy-is-go-dog-go-so-good

I remember this book when I was little and it was one of my FAVORITE reads (now my son enjoys it too)!

A cherished memory is of the green maze on page 10 where “One little dog going in.  Three big dogs going out.”

The comical faces of the three red dogs who FINALLY found their way out of the maze always cracked me up.

The bright illustrations are silly, captivating, with adorable dogs to make you want to turn to the next page.

Each page is laid out in a simple manner with beginner words and fun pictures to make it an easy read or to follow along.

Most importantly, this book teaches several important concepts …

  • The blending of words
  • Opposites
  • Colors

Now let’s dive into the learning aspects a child is exposed to.

Learn the Blending of Words, Opposites, and Colors

Blending of Words.

When you are first learning to read, you need to break down the word into a sound and then “blend” the sound together to get the word.

For instance, the word “Dog” you sound out as /D/-/O/-/G/ and then blend the sound together to get “Dog”.

Your kiddo will effectively learn these words through guided support by you.

Start slow and then progress faster for your child to learn their new words.

In fact, here is a list of 84 words found in Go, Dog. Go!

Feel free to use the word list below to teach your kiddo while they follow the book read aloud or to use if they read with you. 🙂

==> Download the Go Dog Go! Word List <==



Your child learns a variety of colors throughout the book like red, blue, green, black, white, and yellow.

The colors are portrayed by cute pictures of dogs or objects that are these colors.


The story teaches us through pictures the meaning of the opposite words and how those words relate togo-dog-go-book one another through concept.

A GREAT way to teach your kiddo their opposites is by “doing” or “showing”.

By “doing”, here are some fun exercises to try

  • Have them lift their leg HIGH, then drop it LOW.
  • Have them take a BIG step, then a SMALL step.
  • Have them pretend it is HOT , then pretend it is COLD.
  • Have them move FAST, then move SLOW.

By “showing”, I’ve created a fun storybook activity you can download for your child to learn their opposites.

“Go Dog Go!” Storybook Activity

The activity is to draw a line to match the word on the left to its opposite.

Learn 9 opposite concepts!

Another benefit to this activity is your kiddo will hone their fine motor skills.

By this, I mean they will be strengthening their muscles in their fingers, hands, and arms (which is a crucial part of early development).

Enhancing fine motor functions help kids to perform daily tasks like eating, grasping toys, or zipping up their coat.

==> Download your FREE storybook activity here <==


The “I Can Read It All By Myself Beginner Books” Collection

Dr. Seuss is one of the most popular children’s book authors of ALL time.

That’s what this book series consists of, a plethora of witty and wacky Dr. Seuss books. 🙂

Through goofy commentary and storybook rhymes your child learns beginner tools like words, colors, and numbers.

The beginner series are geared for ages 3 to 7 years.

There are a lot of choices in this collection so I’m going to narrow it down to the 10 most popular books (in no particular order).green-eggs-and-ham-book

  1. Go Dog Go!
  2. Hop on Pop
  3. Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!
  4. One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
  5. What Pet Should I Get?
  6. Are You My Mother?
  7. The Cat in the Hat
  8. Green Eggs and Ham
  9. Fox In Socks
  10. The Foot Book

Final Verdict

This story is perfect for the early reader to learn their basic concepts of colors, opposites, and word blending.

==> View Now: Go Dog Go! <==


Product Details

Book Title: “Go, Dog. Go!”

Author and Illustrations By: P.D. Eastman

Reading Age: 3 to 7 Years

Copyright: 1961

Publisher: Random House Children’s Books

ISBN: 978-0-394-80020-2

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