Therapy toys play a vital role in any child’s development, especially when it comes to a child with cerebral palsy.

Selecting toys geared towards your child’s learning and growth can GREATLY improve them reaching developmental Cerebral-Palsy-Therapy-Toys milestones throughout their childhood to increase their motor skills, social skills, and communication skills.

There are MANY therapy toys on the market that it can be downright overwhelming on how to select the top ones tailored to your child’s age and skills.

Lets face it, some cerebral palsy toys and tools can be pricey to purchase so it’s important to know what to expect before investing in the right one for your child.

This post was created to equip you with the information you need to make the best therapy toy decision for your precious one.

Here are the TOP 4 cerebral palsy therapy toys for kids (from infants to toddlers) on the market today that are therapist and parent approved. 🙂

Let’s get started.

#1.  Abilitations Inflatable Peapod

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If I only knew about the inflatable peapod when my son was little, he would have loved it!

Consider the inflatable peapod ‘deep pressure therapy’ that helps improve sensory skills and focus for your child.  If your child experiences anxiety or is touch sensitive, this cozy peapod may be the perfect option for them.

The vinyl material is very durable which allows your little one to be in the ‘pod’ themselves applying deep even pressure around the body. Your child can sit on their own next to you while enjoying their favorite activity such as reading, playing, or watching a movie.

The independence they feel will make their confidence soar while giving you time to engage with them in a whole new way.

You can also rock the peapod from side to side to calm and sooth your little one.

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Takeaway Tip: Adult supervision is needed.


#2. Tumble Forms2 Feeder Seat Positioner + Floor Sitter Wedge

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Tumble forms have been a leader in the pediatric equipment industry for over 40 years.

The feeder seat was originally made for feeding, but the popularity of this seat gained traction because it can be used for any short-term activity in the home, school, or clinic.

Fun and engaging activities your child can enjoy while in their feeder seat include playing with toys, games, meal time, or reading books.

The seat can also be a GREAT alternative if your child uses a wheelchair or standing device to allow them a new form of independence. It’s also very simple to clean and it allows you to easily position your child without complicated adjustments.

It is made out of antimicrobial non-toxic durable material which is soft and flexible. The tough materials have an incredible resistance to wear and tear which makes the seat a great investment that will last your child many years or until they grow out of it.

In addition, your infant can grow with Tumble forms throughout their lifetime because it comes in 4 sizes as well as a variety of colors!

Takeaway Tip: A small feeder seat fits toddlers ages 2- 5 years.


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The floor sitter wedge helps keep the feeder seat positioned in an upright or reclined position depending on the type of activity your child is doing.

A velcro hook and loop system keeps the seat secure which allows you to instantly be able to adjust it.

This also comes in 4 sizes and a variety of colors to fit the feeder seat.

#3. Sorbus Kids Nest Swing Chair Nook

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It can be challenging at times for a child with cerebral palsy to feel included among their peers which is why I’m such a fan of the swing chair!

The swing chair, which is a hanging seat hammock, is an inclusive activity your child can enjoy doing with their friends or siblings.

It can hold three kids at one time and up to 250 pounds.

When the swing is in motion it helps with your child’s motor skills because it encourages balance and supports sensory needs.

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It’s very EASY to install indoors or outdoors with minimal set up!  Now that’s my kind of installation. 🙂

Takeaway Tip: Adult supervision and assembly is required.


#4. Fun and Function Air-Lite Sensory Kit

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One of the main reasons this toy is very popular is because of the number of items included to improve sensory integration; ball pit, barrel roll, and bolster swing.

Your child will be entertained for days!

The toys encourage movement, balance, motor planning, and socialization.

The vinyl material is lightweight and highly durable which makes it a great functional toy for your child to let loose and have fun in while at home, school, or a clinic. You can also wash the material easily because it is latex free.

Will you be traveling to visit family or friends?

If so, this sensory kit provides an engaging inclusive activity to take with you places where your child can have fun socializing with other kids. It deflates and inflates easily making it GREAT for travel purposes or to store.

Takeaway Tip: The sensory kit is recommended for ages 3 and up and an air pump is NOT included.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, cerebral palsy therapy toys can play an important role in improving a child’s overall health and wellness to allow them to live their BEST life possible.

If you are concerned about the investment to purchase therapy toys, I recommend checking out a list of funding resources that may be available to you by clicking here.

I hope the top 4 recommendations added value to your research efforts in finding an incredible therapy toy for your child.

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