A weighted blanket is the ultimate ‘cozy’ solution and therapeutic tool to help a child feel relaxed.

It is used to calm a child diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), sensory challenges, autism, cerebral palsy, insomnia, and anxiety. Best-Weighted-Blanket-for-Kids

Knowing your options is important.

However, it is a daunting task knowing which weighted blanket is the right option.

We have got you covered!

Let’s explore one of the BEST weighted blanket for kids on the market today, the Soft Plush Weighted Blanket, and break down …

  • What makes it so good?
  • Is it worth the investment?
  • What are the pros vs. cons?
  • How does it compare to their top competitors?

This raw and honest review guide will provide you what you need to know to make the most informed purchasing decision.

Let’s dive in. 🙂

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Product Overview

Product: ==> View Now: Soft Plush Weighted Blanket <==

Price: $106.99
Product Overview

Color Options: Light blue

Size Options: One size

Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

What makes this weighted blanket stand out?

Here is a quicksnap shot of the TOP features (which we will analyze in further detail shortly):

  • Very soft
  • Soothing tool to feel calm and secure
  • Benefits ADHD, autism, anxiety, and sensory integration disorder
  • Long-term durability
  • Weights are EVENLY distributed throughout to give you soft gentle pressure across the body

Supports Sensory Seeking and Sensory Over Responding Kids

Weighted blankets are designed with the sole purpose to help a child (and adults too) with various sensory needs.

For instance, does your child happen to be sensory seeking?

Meaning, do they crave things that stimulate or excite their senses such as lights, colors, sounds, touching different textures, smells, and tastes?

If so the soft weighted plush blanket IS made for sensory seeking kids because of the soothing tactile input and gentle pressure the blanket provides.

The blanket feels so soft that you will immediately want to cuddle with it.

If your child is sensory over responding (meaning their senses have had enough, they are on OVERLOAD), the weighted blanket definitely supports this type of sensory response to help soothe and calm their nerves.


Supports Sensory Seeking and Sensory Over Responding Kids

Product Features

Here are additional features to know:

  • Helps with sensory seeking
  • Helps with sensory over responding
  • Specifically picked by therapists
  • Supports ADHD, autism, and sensory integration disorder
  • Dimensions 38”L x 30”W
  • Weighs 3 pounds (which is not too heavy to snuggle up with)
  • Helps to relax, calm, and soothe
  • Material is 100% polyester
  • Weights are plastic polypropylene beads in 80% polyester and 20% cotton lining
  • Improves mood and attention
  • Easy to clean (machine wash cold and then air dry)

How to Use the Soft Plush Weighted Blanket

What’s great about this weighted blanket is its SIZE.

Since it is pretty lightweight, weighing only 3 pounds, this blanket is designed to be smaller for a child to use (even teenagers too).

It is lightweight enough for a child to not get overheated or feel that the blanket is too heavy to cover up with.

The weighted blanket is multi-functional allowing you to use it in different ways:

  • Lay it across your chest
  • Lay it across your back
  • Fold it up to make it into a mini blanket
  • Fold it up even MORE to make it a ‘dense weighted lap pad’ (helps with attention, focus, to engage and calm)
  • Use it as a ‘throw’ across your shoulders

For instance, the ‘dense weighted lap pad’ is a GREAT therapeutic tool to use.

Simply lay it over a kid’s lap to hold their focus while they are engaging in activities like school work, crafts, eating, or watching a show.

Here’s a short clip (less than 2 minutes) showing you the ways to use the Soft Plush Weighted Blanket.

Pros vs. Cons

Now that we have a good understanding about the features … let’s explore the positives versus the negatives.


  • Super softPros vs. Cons
  • High quality
  • Hand picked by expert therapists
  • Great therapeutic tool to support sensory needs
  • Lightweight enough not to overheat your child
  • Multi-functional use as a ‘weighted blanket’ AND ‘dense weighted lap pad’
  • Helps those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), sensory challenges, autism, cerebral palsy, insomnia, and anxiety


  • One size
  • One color
  • Higher-cost

It’s important to know the company who manufactures this product is Fun and Function.

They make kid-friendly tools and equipment for children with special needs.

This is a therapist approved weighted blanket to help a child diagnosed with the conditions we just discussed like sensory issues, ADHD, autism, and anxiety.

Safety Tips and Takeaways

It’s important to know the plush weighted blanket is to be used with adult supervision.

It is only for children who are at LEAST 3 years of age and weigh 30 pounds or more.

Do NOT do these things …

  • Place the blanket in a crib with an infant
  • Use with a small child UNDER 30 pounds
  • Cover a child’s face
  • Restrain a child’s movement

The product is safety-tested.

It either meets or exceeds government safety standards for lead, phthalates, physical and mechanical features, cleanliness, and flammability.

The seam strength is also tested to ensure the blanket is long-lasting and durable for its users.

To learn about safe use when using this weighted blanket click here to download the safety guideline.

How Does the Soft Plush Weighted Blanket Compare to their Top Competitors?

Let’s dig a little deeper to compare the soft plush weighted blanket with their TOP competitors.

YnM Kids Weighted Blanket

This weighted blanket comes in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes.

  • Colors: sprout green, blue white, bradied apricot, cream, dark grey, khaki, light blue, light grey, monaco blue, navy, white, red blue
  • Designs: astronaut, baby seal, giraffe, mocha bear, penguin, pink flower, rabbit, strawberry, super lightning, terrazzo, unicorn, goose, infinite, bordeaux dot, floret, lattice scroll, magnolia, small tree, strings of beads, time trace
  • Sizes: choose from a blanket weight of 5 to 15 pounds

How do you pick the right size blanket?

In order to pick the right size for your kiddo, the manufacturer suggests to take 10% of your child’s body weight and then ADD 1 pound to that.

For instance if your kiddo weighs 60 pounds take 60 pounds x 10% = 6 PLUS 1 = 7 … so you would want a 7 pound blanket.

Why Is It So Good?YnM-Kids-Weighted-Blanket

It is the ultimate weighted blanket for temperature control.

The blanket weights are made up of glass beads and have a 7 layer design to provide the perfect temperature in relation to your body heat.

However, due to its weight, it is suggested by the manufacturer to use during cold days so you do not get overheated.

Because the blanket is heavier, a fan or air conditioning is recommended.

It’s also suggested to contact your child’s pediatrician regarding the blanket weight to get and how long your child should use it.

Now let’s dive into what reviewers are sharing … the good versus the not so good.


  • Variety of textures and sizes to choose from
  • Supports those with sensory issues
  • Helps with anxiety, relaxation, and reducing stress
  • Sleep better
  • Affordable


  • Poor quality concerns with seams coming undone
  • False advertisement of the weighted glass beads as it’s a poly bead that may have an odor
  • You may need to continuously adjust the beads for added comfort level
  • May get too hot so it’s recommended to sleep with the blanket on a cold day, with a fan or air conditioning

Overall Comparison to the Soft Plush Weighted Blanket …

This blanket is more affordable but you may be sacrificing price over quality.

Your child may get easily hot using the blanket so keep in mind the duration of use.

On the flip side, it’s nice to have a variety of sizes, designs, and color options to choose from as well as having the option to get a weighted blanket that is easy on the pocket book.

Important Takeaway

If you have smaller animals (like a dog or cat) be sure they don’t get caught under the blanket because it could be difficult for them to get out from under it.

==> View Now: YnM Kids Weighted Blanket <==


Hiseeme Weighted Blanket

This weighted blanket comes in one color and numerous designs and sizes.

  • Colors: one color choice, dark grey
  • Designs: dinosaur, sapling, and pink moon
  • Sizes: choose from a blanket weight of 5 to 20 pounds

Why Is It So Good?

One of the standout features of this blanket is the MATERIAL.

It is made out of breathable cotton fabric to regulate body temperature.  
How Does the Soft Plush Weighted Blanket Compare to their Competitors

Plus, the glass beads inside the blanket are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Now let’s dive into the pros versus the cons.


  • Good quality
  • Variety of designs and sizes
  • Breathable cotton fabric keeps you cooler
  • Beads are evenly distributed
  • Helps to sleep at night
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Low-cost


  • One color
  • To clean, hand wash only or take to a dry cleaners (do NOT put into your washing machine or dryer)
  • The blanket can be heavy so manufacturer suggests choosing a lighter weight blanket for your child for first time use

Overall Comparison to the Soft Plush Weighted Blanket …

This weighted blanket definitely costs less and reviewers seemed to be in agreement that it is a good quality blanket to keep their kiddo cool while sleeping.

To wash it can be a hassle and the lowest weighted blanket is 5 pounds which can be heavy for a little one to put over them.

==> View Now: Hiseeme Weighted Blanket <==

How Does the Soft Plush Weighted Blanket Compare to their Competitors

Hazli Toddler Weighted Blanket with Removable Cover

You get to choose the color of your weighted blanket cover.

  • Colors: turquoise, blue, pink, green, violet, grey, navy, sky blue
  • Sizes: one size only (made for kids between 40 to 60 pounds)

Why Is It So Good?Hazli-Toddler-Weighted-Blanket-with-Removable-Cover

This blanket has NINE layers which gives you the maximum amount of comfort.

It is the ultimate toddler blanket for 4 to 7 years old or who weigh up to 55 pounds.

Plus, the cover is removable and very soft.

The glass beads are evenly distributed in little pockets to prevent them from moving around.

This allows the weighted blanket to shape and form to your body.

Pros vs. Cons


  • Super soft
  • Easy to clean (machine washable)
  • High quality
  • Offer 6 months money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied!


  • One size
  • One weight (5 pounds)

Overall Comparison to the Soft Plush Weighted Blanket …

This is a great quality blanket for toddlers just like the Soft Plush Weighted Blanket.

If you want to pay a lower price and need a heavier blanket for your toddler, this would be your best option.

Plus, you have the option of changing the blanket cover if you wanted to. 🙂

==> View Now: Hazli Toddler Weighted Blanket with Removable Cover <==


Commonly Asked Questions (Answered!)

Are weighted blankets SAFE for kids?

NEVER give a baby a weighted blanket or a child under a year.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the recommended weight and age of that particular weighted blanket.

Normally it is only for children who are at least 3 years old and weigh 30 pounds or more.

How do you know if your child needs a weighted blanket?

If your child is diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), sensory challenges, autism, cerebral palsy, anxiety, or suffers from insomnia, they would be a great candidate for a weighted blanket.

How heavy should the weighted blanket be for your kiddo?

As a general rule of thumb, the weighted blanket should be 10% of a child’s body weight.

Keep in mind it is important to choose the right weight to get the most benefits out of it.

Final Verdict

Overall, the soft plush weighted blanket is one of the best options on the market for kids for several reasons …

  • It is hand picked by expert therapists for therapeutic use to help with sensory needs, mood, focus, relaxation
  • Multi-functional to use as a weighted blanket OR a weighted lap pad
  • Lightweight compared to their top competitors which makes this blanket more safe
  • The weights are dense enough to apply evenly distributed pressure
  • High quality material
  • Long-term durability
  • Safety tested
  • Supports and is designed for children diagnosed with ADHD, autism, anxiety, sensory integration disorder

==> View Now: Soft Plush Weighted Blanket <==

Overall Thoughts …

It’s nice to take the guessing game out of which size and color to get because this weighted blanket is only 3 pounds and comes in one color (light blue).

The price is higher but look at it as an investment to receive two blankets for the price of one; a weighted blanket AND weighted lap pad.

Plus, it supports a child’s mental health in creating a soothing experience.

If you need a weighted blanket that is cheaper to help your child relax, sleep better, stay cool, and are not using it as a therapeutic tool, then the Hiseeme Weighted Blanket would be a nice option to go with. 🙂

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