If you are looking for the best cordless hand blender that is budget friendly AND will whip up (or puree) a variety of foods quickly, it’s hard to ignore the KitchenAid Cordless Hand Blender for the price and quality.best-cordless-hand-blender

Why is it so good?

What are the pros vs. cons?

How does it compare to other hand blenders on the market?

These are common questions we think about.

This post was created to give you the answers through an honest and raw product review.

Here is the “Ultimate Review Guide” to equip you with the information you need to decide if this cordless hand blender is the RIGHT option for you.

Product Overview

Brand: KitchenAid Cordless Hand Blender

Price: ==> Click here for the best current price <==

Color Options: Black Matte, Blue Velvet, Empire Red, Matte Charcoal Grey, Onyx Black, Passion Red, White

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

So what makes the KitchenAid hand blender stand out?

There are more features we will explore in further detail below BUT here is a quick snapshot to summarize the top features:

KitchenAid Cordless Hand Blender

What is a Hand Blender and How do you use it?

Have you heard the term immersion blender, hand blender, or stick blender?

If so, they all mean the same thing and are the same type of appliance. It’s just based on the manufacturer’s preference of what they want to call their ‘handheld blender’.

In a nutshell, a hand blender is a handheld stick that you ‘immerse’ into your food to blend it. It’s that simple!

Hand blenders have grown in popularity because it is convenient to use and a hassle free way to blend food without the mess.

Since the motor is not as powerful as a big blender and the blades are smaller, you don’t have to worry about spraying food all over the place.

Here’s a quick 46-second video on how to use the cordless hand blender. 🙂

Product Features

We summarized the top features earlier but let’s explore in more detail important features to know:

  • You can blend 25 bowls of soup on a FULL chargeproduct-features
  • Powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Optimal run time and performance (because of the lithium-ion battery)
  • Easy to charge
  • Removable 8 inch blending arm (dishwasher safe)
  • Switch to control variable speeds
  • Safety switch to protect against accidental trigger movement
  • 4 point steel blade (blends all sorts of ingredients and foods)
  • Super lightweight (weighs less than 3 pounds, so 2.89 pounds to be exact) 🙂
  • Dimensions 13.5 x 4.7 x 4.7 inches

What Reviewers Are Saying

Wouldn’t it be nice to store your kitchen tools without a bulky cord?

That’s one of the best takeaway’s reviewers are sharing is the cordless feature because it saves space when storing.what-reviewers-are-saying

Many also say this is their ‘go to’ blender in the kitchen because it is super easy to use and clean.

The rechargeable battery allows you to use the hand blender for a while too. No need to worry about buying new batteries. Just plug it in and it will take less than 2 hours to fully charge back up!

Another reviewer shared the ‘impressive power’ allows you to blend a variety of foods and ingredients.

Common foods customers are using their handheld blender for include:

What’s Included?

You will get four items with the KitchenAid Cordless Hand Blender:

#1. Blender Arm you can easily detach (dishwasher safe)

#2. Blending Jar with Lid (dishwasher safe)

#3. Pan Guard (dishwasher safe)

#4. Charger


KitchenAid Cordless Hand Blender

These cordless items are a part of the ‘KitchenAid Cordless Collection’ but are NOT included.

Here are two items that may be helpful to you which are also cordless and charged with the lithium-ion battery (so you can be sure it is long-lasting when you use it):

#1. 5 Cup Food Chopper ==> Click here for the best current price <==

It has two speed settings so you can mix, chop, puree and whip up a variety of dishes quickly. You can chop up to 40 onions on a full charge. Not saying you would need to do this, but that is to show you how powerful the battery and charge is. 🙂

KitchenAid 5 Cup Food Chopper

#2. 7  Speed Hand Mixer ==> Click here for the best current price <==

You can make up to 200 cookies on a full charge (perfect during the holidays when baking cookies is at an all time high). The 7 different speeds allows you to make different dishes at the consistency you need.

KitchenAid Cordless Mixer

Pros vs. Cons

Now that we’ve covered all the features, hopefully you have a solid layout of what to expect with this cordless hand blender.

I want to be completely transparent and let you know that I do not receive a commission from KitchenAid to talk about their product, this is just my honest and raw opinion I’m sharing with you. My review and information I share is based upon in depth research, top product comparisons, reviews, and customer ratings. 🙂

Let’s dive into the good vs bad.


  • Long-lasting powerful battery
  • Budget friendly for the quality
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Different speeds give you versatility in the foods you can blend


  • There are cheaper options (we will get into comparing other brands next)
  • Metal from the steel blade below can become hot when mixing soups or hot foods which can be a burn risk, particularly for kids

Takeaway Tip: If you or someone you know has a child or adult that is on a pureed food diet because of feeding issues or sensory challenges with foods, the KitchenAid cordless blender is one of the top options out there to puree thicker ingredients for boosting calorie intake.

How Does the KitchenAid Hand Blender Compare to their Competitors?

Ok, we know for certain you are getting a great quality hand blender for the price with the KitchenAid.

Let’s dig a little deeper to compare this cordless hand blender with their top competitors.

Cuisinart Cordless and Rechargeable SmartStick Hand Blender

The Cuisinart is more costly but you do get a whisk attachment and measuring cup. Plus, 20 minutes of run time per charge which is good.

It does have variable speed control just like the KitchenAid and operates with a push-button that can control the speed and consistency you are looking for in your dishes.

Based upon the reviewers who compared the KitchenAid they shared the blade wasn’t as powerful and it was heavier to use.

Overall Comparison: KitchenAid was better reviewed and priced lower. However, the KitchenAid does not come with the add-ons Cuisinart includes with the whisk and measuring cup. If you need these add-ons and don’t mind paying a little more, this would be a great hand blender to consider.

==> Click here for the best current price <==

Cuisinart CSB-400CD Cordless and Rechargeable SmartStick hand blenderChefman Immersion Blender

This immersion blender gets the job done blending sauces, soups, fruits, and leafy greens for a low price. However, it is not cordless like the KitchenAid.

Reviewers shared the hand held blender is lightweight and easy to use.

Overall Comparison: The KitchenAid was better reviewed but priced higher. You have to hold the button down to use the Chefman and the blades aren’t as powerful as the KitchenAid. However, if you’re looking for a great price immersion blender for thinner ingredients and don’t mind the cord, this would be the option for you.

==> Click here for the best current price <==

Chefman Immersion Blender

Mueller Austria Immersion Multi-Purpose Hand Blender

This immersion blender is one of the lowest priced and most popular reviewed blenders on the market today.

It comes with several items; the hand blender, whisk, and milk frother attachments.

Reviewers shared it is pretty powerful for the price and blends smoothies, milk, and baby purees well.

Overall Comparison: If you are a coffee lover and like frothy milk in or on top of your coffee beverage this may be a wonderful option for you. The milk frother attachment is a unique add-on not included in the other hand held blenders. On the other hand, it is not cordless and you have to hold the trigger to keep it powered.

==> Click here for the best current price <==

Mueller Austria Immersion Multi-Purpose Hand Blender

Final Verdict

Overall, the facts speak loudly for the KitchenAid hand blender.

It is a great quality product priced reasonably.

==> Click here for the best current price for the KitchenAid Cordless Hand Blender or to learn more <==

If there are other cordless hand held blenders you would recommend, a review you would like to share, questions you may have, or anything you’d like to add that I did not cover in this post, please feel free to comment below.

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