“Bertie Wings It!” YouTube kids read aloud is a silly story for ages 3 to 7 years (Pre-K to 1st Grade).

The rhyming words and adorable illustrations draw you in immediately.

Let’s get started!

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What’s It About?

Bertie the birdie knows best!

He’s outgrown his nest.

Bertie is ready to fly for the very first time.

As he spreads his wings to take off, a convincing penguin yells at him “STOP!”.

Admiral Penguin convinces Bertie to learn some new skills and drills before tries to fly.

As the story unfolds, Bertie tries to fly again and again but other birds squawk at him to “STOP!”.

But not one of these persuasive birds trying to give Bertie advice has ever flown!

Will Bertie learn to trust his own instincts to fly?

Find out now in this cute read-aloud story.

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Book Activity (Draw the Word and Trace the Letters)

“Draw the Words and Trace the Letters” is a wonderful exercise for toddlers and kindergarteners to do for a few reasons:

  • Learn early writing skills
  • Develop fine motor strength
  • Encourage cognitive skills (understand the relationship of the word to draw the picture)

Use the words on the left to trace: bird, tree, nest, sun, glasses, map.

Then, draw the word to the right!

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BONUS Exercise (Color the Bird)

Coloring is such a fun way to bring out a child’s “inner artist”.

Get creative and enjoy this coloring activity.

Bust out your favorite art supplies (like markers, paint, or crayons) to color the bird!

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We love seeing your kiddo’s finished activities!  Each piece of work deserves a job well done!  If inspired, feel free to share your child’s completed work with team@intensivetherapyforkids.com along with their first name. With your permission, it could be featured on our website or social media. 🙂

Final Verdict

Bertie’s journey is a heartfelt read for kids who enjoy animal books or love rhyming stories.

It makes a great book to read one-on-one or to share in the classroom (grades Pre-K to 1st Grade).

To support the author and cherish a wonderful book for years on end (click the link below)!

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Product Details

Reading Ages: 3 to 7 years

Written By: Leslie Gorin 

Illustrations By: Brendan Kearney

Published By: Sterling Children’s Books New York

ISBN: 978-1454915737

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