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Part of the “Amazing Machines” collection, kids learn all about flying in the “Amazing Airplanes” book that is told through a fun sing song rhyme.amazing-airplanes-book

Story By: Tony Mitton and Ant Parker

Reading Age: 3 to 5 years

What’s It About?

From take off to landing, your kiddo will have a great understanding of what it is like to fly.

They follow an adorable animal crew and their flying experience.

You are exposed to luggage check in, the flight crew, plane parts, and so much more.

The bright, simple, and engaging illustrations make this an easy read to follow along.

It is a FUN learning opportunity to learn all about planes.

You are also introduced to airplane parts (which is the last slide in the read aloud) along with beginner sight words (which we will touch on shortly).

Here is the Amazing Planes book read aloud (it’s 3:42).

Learn the Airplane Parts

On the last page of the story are important “Airplane Parts” for your child to know including their definitions and meanings.

I read these to your child at the end of the read aloud (which starts exactly at the 2:45 minute mark).learn-the-airplane-parts

Your child learns the following parts:

  • Control tower where the air traffic controllers direct the planes.
  • Flight deck (aka the cockpit) is where the pilot and copilot sit.
  • Wheels fold away while the plane is in the air.
  • Hold is the place where heavy luggage is stored.
  • Jet engines blow out air and gas to accelerate the plane forward.
  • Terminal is the building at the airport where you go to catch your flight.
  • Wings are hollow and smoothly shaped to make them move easily through the air.

This section is such a value add for kids to gain a deeper understanding of what key elements make up an airplane.

Now let’s dive into the sight words your child is exposed to.

Sight Words to Know for Beginners

This book is made for Pre-K (toddlers or preschoolers ages 3 to 5 years).

Kids are introduced to beginner sight words.

To put it simply, sight words help our kids read as these are words you see often.

They are words we teach our young readers to know by heart (sight words like you, me, the).

Throughout “Amazing Planes” your child is introduced to the following Pre-K sight words:

  • a, and, at
  • go
  • in, is, it
  • so
  • the, to
  • up
  • you

Feel free to keep these words handy during the read aloud or while reading the story to your precious one to point out these words to them. 🙂

There is also a storybook activity I made for you to enjoy after the read aloud or after you read the book together.

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Amazing Airplanes Book Activity

The activity is to color the picture.

Get creative with coloring!

Use crayons, markers, paint, glitter, or stickers to go along with the storyline.

Let your child’s imagination take over on how they want to design their own picture. 🙂

The images chosen play into the theme of the story and are photos your child is exposed to:

  • Airplane
  • Clouds
  • Palm Tree
  • Grass
  • Sun (even though there is no “actual” sun image in the book, the story takes place during the daytime)

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Another important aspect of this activity are the fine motor skills your child is developing while coloring.

The Benefits of Coloring

Developing a child’s fine motor skills is so important.

Coloring helps do just that (improve a child’s fine motor functions)!

Coloring and drawing encourages focus, stimulates creativity, and most importantly, works to develop those little muscles in your fingers, hands, wrists, and arms.

That is one of the main reasons why I chose a coloring activity for this read aloud.

The “Amazing Machines” Collection

We touched on earlier how this book is part of the “Amazing Machines” collection.

Authors, Tony Mitton and Ant Parker, write about cool machines and how these machines work!

That’s exactly what their collection is all about, fun machines kids love to learn about. 🙂

On the last page of the book, these are additional stories included in the “Amazing Machines” collection.

Learn all about planes, boats, cars, diggers, fire engines, rockets, submarines, trains, trucks, and tractors.


  1. Amazing Airplanes
  2. Busy Boats
  3. Cool Cars
  4. Dazzling Diggers
  5. Flashing Fire Engines
  6. Roaring Rockets
  7. Super Submarines
  8. Terrific Trains
  9. Tough Trucks
  10. Tremendous Tractors

As you see, there is an array of popular machine books kids love!

Final Verdict

If your kiddo is an airplane fan or likes machines, this book read aloud is for them! 

It is also a great story to share before traveling or while on a flight.

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