Hi Everyone!  Welcome to Intensive Therapy for Kids and thanks so much for being here! 

Our names are Lindsey and Alycia and as you can see, we are sisters. It’s nice to meet you virtually. 🙂

How ‘Intensive Therapy for Kids’ Helps Special Needs Warriors

Right off the bat, we want to give you a very warm welcome and let you know you have come to one of ULTIMATE spots dedicated to helping special needs warriors reach their full potential!

This site was made for you to have direct access to the worlds best products, reviews, and resources tailored to your warrior’s unique abilities. 

Our intention is to provide as much VALUE as possible to allow a special needs warrior be able to live their best life possible. <3

Our Background Story

We were exposed to ‘intensive therapy’ through our nonprofit we founded and currently run called The LENN Foundation where we help children with cerebral palsy (cp) pay for medical needs not covered by insurance.  Our foundation was inspired for two IMPORTANT reasons:

  • First, by Lenny, the son of Alycia and nephew to Lindsey, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
  • Second, to help lift the burden of financial heartache families face when caring for their child who has cerebral palsy

We discovered 99% of the families that came to us for help asked for their child to receive intensive therapy because of the incredible results.  The results spoke loudly. 

Children were gaining confidence and independence while hitting developmental milestones such as being able to sit up, chew food, roll over, stand, walk, and talk.  We’ve seen the outcome first hand while interviewing many families who have told us about their child’s successful accomplishments when receiving intensive therapy.

We are two sisters on a big mission to create positive change in the special needs community.  We want to give back on a LARGER scale which leads us to why ‘Intensive Therapy for Kids’ was born.

Our Inspiration to Why ‘Intensive Therapy for Kids’ was Created

We want to add as much value as possible to kiddos with special needs which is the reason the site was created.  You will find the greatest worldwide innovative resources tailored to your child’s unique abilities and needs.

Our main goal is to allow your warrior the opportunity to move forward in their development while providing you the tools they need to live an all out better quality of life!  

We encourage you to browse around and see the value Intensive Therapy for Kids has to offer.

A little side note: The website name ‘Intensive Therapy for Kids’ was inspired because of the powerful results children with motor delays accomplish with intensive physical therapy.  Spreading awareness and helping warriors excel in their everyday life is our passion!

Lets Make Your Experience EXCEPTIONAL

We’d love to hear how we can continue to make your time at Intensive Therapy for Kids an exceptional experience!

Please leave your comments below or send us a message directly.  We strive to always improve the site for our users so it remains the ULTIMATE spot dedicated to special needs warriors. 🙂