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Intensive Therapy for Kids

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Meet The Sisters

Hi Everyone!  Welcome to Intensive Therapy for Kids and thanks so much for being here! 

Our names are Lindsey and Alycia and as you can see, we are sisters. It’s nice to meet you virtually. 🙂

How ‘Intensive Therapy for Kids’ Helps Special Needs Warriors

Right off the bat, we want to give you a very warm welcome and let you know you have come to one of ULTIMATE spots dedicated to helping special needs warriors reach their full potential!

This site was made for you to have direct access to the worlds best products, reviews, and resources tailored to your warrior’s unique abilities. 

Our intention is to provide as much VALUE as possible to allow a special needs warrior be able to live their best life possible. <3

Our Background Story

We were exposed to ‘intensive therapy’ through our nonprofit we founded and currently run called The LENN Foundation where we help children with cerebral palsy (cp) pay for medical needs not covered by insurance.  Our foundation was inspired for two IMPORTANT reasons:

  • First, by Lenny, the son of Alycia and nephew to Lindsey, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
  • Second, to help lift the burden of financial heartache families face when caring for their child who has cerebral palsy

We discovered 99% of the families that came to us for help asked for their child to receive intensive therapy because of the incredible results.  The results spoke loudly. 

Children were gaining confidence and independence while hitting developmental milestones such as being able to sit up, chew food, roll over, stand, walk, and talk.  We’ve seen the outcome first hand while interviewing many families who have told us about their child’s successful accomplishments when receiving intensive therapy.

We are two sisters on a big mission to create positive change in the special needs community.  We want to give back on a LARGER scale which leads us to why ‘Intensive Therapy for Kids’ was born.

Our Inspiration to Why ‘Intensive Therapy for Kids’ was Created

We want to add as much value as possible to kiddos with special needs which is the reason the site was created.  You will find the greatest worldwide innovative resources tailored to your child’s unique abilities and needs.

Our main goal is to allow your warrior the opportunity to move forward in their development while providing you the tools they need to live an all out better quality of life!  

We encourage you to browse around and see the value Intensive Therapy for Kids has to offer.

A little side note: The website name ‘Intensive Therapy for Kids’ was inspired because of the powerful results children with motor delays accomplish with intensive physical therapy.  Spreading awareness and helping warriors excel in their everyday life is our passion!

Lets Make Your Experience EXCEPTIONAL

We’d love to hear how we can continue to make your time at Intensive Therapy for Kids an exceptional experience!

Please leave your comments below or send us a message directly.  We strive to always improve the site for our users so it remains the ULTIMATE spot dedicated to special needs warriors. 🙂


  1. Steve

    I love what you two are doing and consider it very admirable. I think every human, no matter what disability, has the right to a good quality of life and you are helping families provide that! I do have a couple of questions. Would many of the therapies you will offer be similar to Occupational Therapy methods? I work in a school and see these being used all the time. Secondly, would any of these therapies be beneficial to children who don’t have cerebral palsy? Thanks for your great work!

    1. Lindsey Kovach

      Hey Steve, Thank you so much!  Awesome questions by the way.  We don’t personally offer Occupational Therapy ourselves but we do partner with the NAPA Center who does offer a discount to families children who go through us to attend their program.  NAPA Center does combine Occupational Therapy along with intensive physical therapy and speech/language therapy depending on the child’s needs.  Each program a child goes to is customized to their individual needs and the developmental milestones they are trying to accomplish such as sitting up, rolling over, etc.  We are all about creating awareness around the benefits therapy provides to children with cerebral palsy.  We also recommend other wonderful facilities such as SMILE Therapy for Kids in Ontario, Canada and Walk This Way USA in Texas.  To answer your second question, yes most definitely these types of therapies can benefit any child who has a disability or motor delay.  We appreciate your comment!

  2. Cathy

    I salute both of you for starting a positive movement for your families and the communities. More people need to talk about childhood disorders and diseases because they are becoming common in our society. And because most young and normal kids live in their own bubbles these days, they don’t realize there are special friends out there who could use their support as well. Young people can do a lot in raising funds like drawing arts, creating DIY projects, or producing YouTube videos to get the message across and that can make a huge difference.

    1. Lindsey Kovach

      Hey Cathy, Absolutely!  Thank you so much for your kind words and comment. We are all about positive change and we believe this is one step forward in continuing to create more awareness for cerebral palsy.

  3. Dave Payerchin

    The work you’re doing is really awesome. Keep it up!

    1. Lindsey Kovach

      Thanks for the kind words! We appreciate your comment. 🙂

  4. C.N.

    Thank you so much for this highly informative article, Lindsey! Two of my closest friends have cerebral palsy, and thanks to the very intensive therapy that you speak of, one has just passed the California Bar Exam, and the other is a successful bio-engineer. It’s sad that so many people with various conditions can’t afford/don’t have access to the life-altering treatments that they need to lead the happiest, most successful lives possible. I commend you all for dedicating your lives to helping kids affected by cerebral palsy-God calls us to love and serve one another, and the two of you are doing just that. God bless you both!

    1. Lindsey Kovach

      Thank you so much for the heartfelt words! We absolutely LOVE hearing warrior stories like this. Cerebral Palsy may be looked at as a disability but each person who has CP (or has been diagnosed with any disability) has so many ABILITIES. 🙂

  5. Glenn

    I almost feel silly stating the obvious: You two are amazing! What you have decided to do with your lives has such great purpose! I do have a question. My wife and I have guardianship for 3 kids. Two of them have fetal alcohol syndrome and ADHD. And one of those 2 has sensory perception disorder as well. They also suffered trauma when they were younger. They are currently 10 and 12 years of age. Would Intensive Therapy help them in any way?

    1. Lindsey Kovach

      Thank you so much for the kind words Glenn! That melts our hearts. It sounds like you have three wonderful warriors you are taking care of. Intensive therapy could be an option for them if they are experiencing motor delays. I would suggest looking into a couple programs to see if it would be a fit for their needs. Some of my top recommendations would be NAPA Center here in the United States as well as Australia (, SMILE Therapy for Kids which is Ontario, Canada (, and Walk This Way in Texas ( Please let me know if you have any other questions. I wish you and your family many blessings with your three precious children. <3

  6. Marilyn Murray

    That is so beautiful, your heart is in the right place, keep up the good work.
    We live in an imperfect world, while many of us are moving alone sometimes we fail to realize that there are many who need help.
    Keep up the good work , your reward is at the end of the rainbow.

    1. Lindsey Kovach

      Thank you Marilyn! Your heartfelt words are touching and we appreciate you stopping by to share your thoughts! Wishing you many blessings.

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